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    Subway Series Three-year old Pocahontas Cagle knows she is a star. When asked to name her favorite part of her band's Christmas show, she replies, without hesitation, "My song!" and begins to belt it out in a voice at least four times her age: "If...

    on January 9, 2001
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    Death Wish - Creative Musics DemiseSuicide or Homicide? And Does It Matter?

    During the election campaign, George W. Bushdarling of the NRA and oil companiesreferred time and time again to Al Gore as "the special-interest candidate" (who? unions? women?). During the post-election party, as Bush was proclaiming himself presi...

    by Kyle Gann on January 9, 2001
  • And It's Twisty Too


    And It's Twisty Too

    Andy Kaufman frequently bragged that he was a stand-up comedian who never told a joke. In his late career, Richard Pryor stopped telling jokes tooand now MS has limited his other activities as well. He liked to exaggerate, stretching the logic of hi...

    by James Hannaham on January 2, 2001
  • Signposts of Posthistory - The Best New Jazz CDs of the Year of Louis and Miles


    Signposts of Posthistory - The Best New Jazz CDs of the Year of Louis and Miles

    So the year 2000 in jazz, which was supposed to be the year of Louis Armstrong, turned out to be the year of Kind of Blue. True, Pops has a year to gohe gets a double centennial, one for his presumed birth in 1900 and one for the actual one in 1901....

    by Gary Giddins on January 2, 2001
  • See Me, Feel Me


    See Me, Feel Me

    Most soundtrack albums exist completely separate from the movies they're attached to because the songs selected already have a vital popular character that the movie has borrowed to enhance itself, and this rarely works the other way around. The exce...

    by Mary Gaitskill on December 26, 2000
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    The People's Choice The Situationist promptly situated us: "There's no product to sell, there's no point in being here." Typically sarcastic, Jon Langford disproved the second part of his opening line with a whiplash set at Mercury Lounge on Decem...

    on December 26, 2000
  • Déja Vu Again - The Bang on a Can Festival Charms but No Longer Thrills


    Dja Vu Again - The Bang on a Can Festival Charms but No Longer Thrills

    The Bang on a Can Festival still puts on a good show, but the thrill of continuous discovery is gone. The causes appear to be less ideological than economic. Forming the Bang on a Can All-Stars years ago as a house ensemble was a great idea, but the ...

    by Kyle Gann on December 26, 2000
  • Everything for Everyone


    Everything for Everyone

    The packaging of Sing When You're Winning, the second North American release from British superhero Robbie Williams, presents a series of stills that look like scenes from a British football (er, soccer) fantasy, in which every character is Robbie: h...

    by Scott Woods on December 26, 2000
  • Urban Organics


    Urban Organics

    "Irresistible: class with an edge," Matthew Cooke of Amazon.com writes in a Best of 2000 Editor's Pick for St. Germain's Tourist, and if that makes him a yuppie, at least he's honest. Class with an edge: alive and off-center but nary a foul breath. T...

    by Eric Weisbard on December 26, 2000
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    Da Da Da

    In the early 1970s, while the domestic rock landscape was a smoldering ruin, certain adventurous and/or elitist listeners turned to Germany. The music of Can, Amon Dl II, and Kraftwerk, among others, fascinated with its reliance on electronics and ...

    by Scott Isler on December 26, 2000
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    Snowplow You Bad Elephant!

    I quit smoking cigarettes recently and I've been making do with Gummi Bears, the patch, and tons of righteous weed. So between Kid A, Madonna, and that new Doves album, I've been enjoying a summer of love in my mind. The Doves' mantras of desolation ...

    by Scott Seward on December 26, 2000
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    Mean Man's Dream

    The newest and greatest tradition in Pasadena arrives every January 1 at precisely 9 a.m. For the last two years, rivaling even the Rose Bowl as blood-pumping spectacle, a B-2 out of the heavy bomb wing at Whiteman (that's an air force base, folks, h...

    by George Smith on December 26, 2000
  • The Energy Box


    The Energy Box

    Lots of people think Ricky Martin is a phony. Last year the local Denver alternative-press sourpuss called Ricky's music "watered-down," not Latin enough. The guy had trouble with the fact that "Livin' La Vida Loca" was written and produced by glam-m...

    by Frank Kogan on December 26, 2000
  • Sobs, Static, and Sweat


    Sobs, Static, and Sweat

    Everyone knows how the Wu-Tang Clan fucked up. After the dense, heady rush of their brilliant 1993 debut, the group went their separate ways, releasing a series of mostly excellent solo projects. When it came time to regroup for their sophomore album...

    by Kelefa Sanneh on December 19, 2000
  • Electoral College Rock: Tilden Defeats Hayes?


    Electoral College Rock: Tilden Defeats Hayes?

    Fat Bobbywho is not, in matter of fact, fatof Brooklyn hard rockers Oneida writes that "Power Animals," from his band's latest, Come On Everybody Let's Rock, is "a disillusioned commentary on the electoral hornswogglin' of the 1876 Hayes/Tilden fia...

    by George Smith on December 19, 2000
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    Big Pimpin in the Red Sea

    Usually when drummers swap the stool for the spotlight, the results are frighteningIggy Pop, Dave Grohl, and Tommy Lee are exceptions. Fu Manchu's Brant Bjork (no umlaut!) might be another one. He debuted in 1999 with Jalamanta, a quiet and buttery ...

    by Lorne Behrman on December 19, 2000
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    Give the Gift of UniMoth

    So UniMoth MegaCorp flooded the market with "millennium collection" cheapos that drove richer product off the racks. There were confusing-at-best best-ofs on album artists Laurie Anderson, the Band, PM Dawn, Richard & Linda Thompson (reinstate their ...

    by Robert Christgau on December 19, 2000
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    OK Computer For the creative person on your shopping list, Oval has the perfect gift. Skotodesk, "an interactive authoring environment for personal desktop audio," could be licensed to Mattel as My First Electronic Music System. Its "object-orient...

    on December 19, 2000
  • Higher Ground


    Higher Ground

    When it comes to commercial black music, "high concept" makes the record industry very nervous. Motown initially told Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye that people wouldn't like their political songs. Stax told Isaac "Black Moses" Hayes that radio wouldn...

    by Carol Cooper on December 12, 2000
  • Will You Scrub Me Tomorrow


    Will You Scrub Me Tomorrow

    Unless you're regularly tuned in to an urban radio station, it's possible you've never heard of Kandi, the r&b singer. But you're undoubtedly familiar with Kandi the r&b songwriterin particular her two most famous creations, TLC's "No Scrubs" and De...

    by Scott Woods on December 12, 2000
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