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    Screaming Is Free

    The Blood Brothers are guaranteed to clear a dancefloor. And they should be guaranteed to clear your skin via Dr. Z's acid-blister method, too, but that process is trademarked (or should be anyhow; have you seen the results this guy gets? Probably, i...

    by Nick Catucci on July 23, 2002
  • Home of the Brave - Westernizing Anglophone West Africa


    Home of the Brave - Westernizing Anglophone West Africa

    Insofar as it uses electric instruments or horns, all African popular music is, to use the strange Orientalist term, Westernized. Afrobeat, however, took Westernization to new spiritual heights. The style invented and still dominated by the late Fela...

    by Robert Christgau on July 23, 2002
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    Puffy the Diva Slayers A pop duo idolized by millions performed here on Saturday night, but you've probably never heard of them. In their home country of Japan, Puffy (known as Puffy AmiYumi in America, for obvious reasons) sell massive amounts...

    on July 23, 2002
  • The Road to Mecha


    The Road to Mecha

    Scientists at the World Economic Forum predicted on Friday a grim future replete with unprecedented biological threats, global warming and the possible takeover of humans by robots. Reuters, February 1, 2002 Not to worry. The Flaming Lips have ...

    by Jessica Winter on July 23, 2002
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    Whose Kiss Is This

    Paulina Rubio is even sexier in English than in Spanish. Or maybe it's not she but her music that's sexier. You can compare the two great dance-sex tracks on Border Girl, her first English-language album, to the Spanish versions, and in the English t...

    by Frank Kogan on July 23, 2002
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    Sugar On Me

    As deceptively sweet as the Shirelles, with moments of Shangri-Las-style radical moodiness, the All Girl Summer Fun Band claim "fun" as both the good and the bad. Whatever the circumstances (and many involve dudes), this team of Oregon ladies want to...

    by Hillary Chute on July 23, 2002
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    Who Needs Eminem?

    Reviewing the Vines' debut single, New Musical Express gushed thusly: "You've got to imagine that by the end of the year, the Vines are going to be bigger than U2, Gareth Gates and Nickelback combined. We're not joking. This is a record you must own....

    by Christian Hoard on July 16, 2002
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    Destroyed - Hip-Hop's Ur-Self Got Himself a War

    It figured to be an anointment. Last week's Hot 97 Summer Jam was Nasir Jones's forum. The previous year, he'd been skewered by Jay-Z; this time, he was headlining, a symbolic acknowledgment that in the battle of titans that engulfed hip-hop last win...

    by Jon Caramanica on July 16, 2002
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    It's in Her Kiss

    The one and only time I saw X was at the Tomorrowland Terrace at Disney World during an event billed as the World Series of Entertainment. If memory serves, Tommy Tutone ("867-5309/Jenny," of course) and Bertie Higgins ("Key Largo," as if you don't r...

    by Shannon Zimmerman on July 16, 2002
  • Where's Waldo? - Looking for Uncle Jazz at the 2002 JVC Something-or-Other Festival


    Where's Waldo? - Looking for Uncle Jazz at the 2002 JVC Something-or-Other Festival

    A brief July 9 press release about the flagship event that ran from June 16 to June 29 begins with an announcement from George Wein ("CEO of Festival Productions, Inc."): "The 2002 JVC Jazz Festival-New York was the most successful JVC festival ever ...

    by Gary Giddins on July 16, 2002
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    Good Golly Miss Dolly Dolly Parton found Jesus at Irving Plaza last Wednesday night, though he's absent from the CD she was promoting, Halos and Horns a non-denominational, New Age blend of mountain roots that borrows from her earlier pop hits an...

    on July 16, 2002
  • Sonic Euthanasia


    Sonic Euthanasia

    What do you do when your favorite band starts sucking? Stop buying their albums. But what if you can't, because you're so into them that you just have to know every note they record, even if it's unlistenable crap? And you have such a personal connec...

    by Amy Phillips on July 9, 2002
  • Peacock Rock


    Peacock Rock

    One of the spookiest verses in the whole pop arcanum belongs, as it should, to Robert Johnson: "I got stones in my passway and my road seems dark at night," he cries, repeating the line before the killer twist: "I have pains in my heart, they have ta...

    by Erik Davis on July 9, 2002
  • Tigers in a Spotlight


    Tigers in a Spotlight

    Even when I was a child in short pants, Mumsie always impressed upon me the importance of practicing a cheerful and impersonal version of noblesse oblige whenever dealing with the common man. The workers who fixed our fences and who took care of our ...

    by Scott Seward on July 9, 2002
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    In the Inknight Hour

    Northern State are three young women living in the flash and spirit of 1980, batting words and rhymes back and forth just like the Furious Five of yore, discovering themselves as we discover them, and like the pre-"Message" Five they rap with genuine...

    by Frank Kogan on July 9, 2002
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    Spreading the Net

    When the pickings get thin, roam. Find below old music from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Colombia, and Brazil. Three of these albums are imports, the last old-not-current rather than old-archivaland the best "new" album I've heard all this thin year. ...

    by Robert Christgau on July 9, 2002
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    Detroit Rock City At the "Get Hip!" showcase on June 28 at the Warsaw, the big draw was supposedly Scotland's wacky punk outfit the Rezillos, who haven't toured the U.S. before and are famous for that sweet (I guess) 1978 anthem "(My Baby Does) Go...

    on July 9, 2002
  • Effective but Defective - Tom Waits Wears His Mask Like a Pro


    Effective but Defective - Tom Waits Wears His Mask Like a Pro

    Tom Waits, who has just become the first major artist to release two new albums simultaneously since Bruce Springsteen back in mesozoic 1992, is a rock professional for the new century. After 30 years on the "margins," he is perfectly positioned to t...

    by Robert Christgau on July 2, 2002
  • Say It Isn't So - How Not to Broaden the Jazz Canvas


    Say It Isn't So - How Not to Broaden the Jazz Canvas

    The unceremonious booting of the Carnegie Hall Jazz Band from Carnegie Hall is old news, but hasn't been much addressed in or out of the jazz press, perhaps because George Wein, whose baby the CHJB was, capitulated without a fight to the hall's new e...

    by Gary Giddins on July 2, 2002
  • Missouri Loves Company


    Missouri Loves Company

    No, Nellyville isn't the gay ghetto in St. Louis, but it is an alternative utopia. When 23-year-old Cornell Haynes Jr., nicknamed Nelly, released his first LP, Country Grammar, in 2000, it sold over 10 million copies and yielded multiple hits, includ...

    by James Hannaham on July 2, 2002
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