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    Slough of Despond

    Those who refuse to learn from the past don't get to repeat itwell, not the good parts, anyway. The lack of iconic instrumental hard rock voices pitched by the mainstream becomes ever more glaring. Attribute it to one of my generation's greatest ori...

    by George Smith on November 20, 2001
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    Flying Turkey Trot

    With their rather parochial view of the world soundscape, New York's music hipsters probably don't know it, but the old Istanbul psychedelic scene was the longest lasting on earth. And the planet's best current psych bandReplikaswas spawned in that...

    by Jay Dobis on November 20, 2001
  • Taliban Killed the Radio Stars - In Afghanistan, Any Battle Over Music Is a Battle Over National Identity


    Taliban Killed the Radio Stars - In Afghanistan, Any Battle Over Music Is a Battle Over National Identity

    Since taking control of most of Afghanistan in 1994, the Talibanthrough its ludicrously named Ministry of the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vicehas arrested musicians, burned instruments, shredded tapes, smashed VCRs, and banned both public...

    by Richard Gehr on November 20, 2001
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    Turkey Shoot 2001

    The month proved rife with fowl even if the year wasn't ideal for focusing on the bad-to-worse. So before you protest, remember thisif my bile seems inappropriate, the terrorists have already won. MICHELLE BRANCH The Spirit Room (Maverick...

    by Robert Christgau on November 20, 2001
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    Splendor in the Artgrass Ralph Stanley croaking "Man of Constant Sorrow" over Bruce Barth's Tyneresque piano might strike you as either inspired, uncanny, or sinful. Whichever, it represents the conceptual apex of Shifting Sands of Time, the ambit...

    on November 20, 2001
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    Some may cock an eyebrow at my Arabic-pop timing, but Tea in Marrakech and Hakim were long in the pipeline, scheduled for an October release that came too late. Party Music, on the other hand, was pushed back in August from its scheduled 9/11 release...

    by Robert Christgau on November 13, 2001
  • Glamour Shots


    Glamour Shots

    Sappy but thrilling, Shelby Lynne's "Killin' Kind" was nearly lush enough to wipe the bad memory of Bridget Jones's Diary right off your brainpan when the film's closing credits finally rolled. The song is an all-hook-and-no-filler labor of lust, rec...

    by Shannon Zimmerman on November 13, 2001
  • All Around the Town - Uri Caine at the Turn of Another Century


    All Around the Town - Uri Caine at the Turn of Another Century

    With irony now rotting in the grave, Uri Caine demonstrated a prescient sobriety two years ago when he recorded The Sidewalks of New York, whichadapted and abridgedreceived its New York debut November 3 at the Center for Jewish History. The disc is...

    by Gary Giddins on November 13, 2001
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    A Matter of Taste By the time the Kinsey Sicks wrap their 95-minute Dragapella! (Upstairs at 54), they've illustrated what constitutes good and bad taste in comedy: If a joke is genuinely funny, it's in good taste; if not, not. Looking like garish...

    on November 13, 2001
  • Master Class - Jimmy Heath Gets His Due


    Master Class - Jimmy Heath Gets His Due

    The October 19 and 20 Jazz at Lincoln Center tribute to Jimmy Heath, commemorating his 75th birthday, was called "He Walked With Giants"a title typical of that series, and also of its unduly modest guest, whose superlative Riverside LPs were once an...

    by Gary Giddins on November 6, 2001
  • Leather Cohen


    Leather Cohen

    Today's beat klatches have it backward. Instead of using their dancefloor cred to get so popular they can sit back recounting their postpunk, '80s roots with the and-your-point-is obviousness of a Chris Farley interview skit ("Remember we all used to...

    by Hobey Echlin on November 6, 2001
  • Parents Just Do Understand


    Parents Just Do Understand

    The Stone Coyotes just might be the weirdest rock band you'll hear all year. The rural-Massachusetts-based trio comprises Barbara Keith (a 52-year-old singer-guitarist whose '70s solo work has been covered by Barbra Streisand, Tanya Tucker, and Olivi...

    by Amy Phillips on November 6, 2001
  • Party to the People


    Party to the People

    The Coup designed the original cover for Party Music several months before September 11. It shows the two Coup membersPam the Funkstress and Boots Rileywith the twin towers behind them. Pam is dancing and waving a couple conductor's batons. Boots i...

    by Frank Kogan on November 6, 2001
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    Beastie Boutique The Beastie Boys' ideal of enlightened community took a hit this summer when they shuttered their record label. Not enough Grand Royal bands sold well, and now you can buy Buffalo Daughter LPs at GrandRoyal.com for the retro price...

    on November 6, 2001
  • Musico-Collateral Damage - Music, Interrupted by War, Changes


    Musico-Collateral Damage - Music, Interrupted by War, Changes

    The Vietnam War left subtle traces on American music, but did not interrupt it or change its direction. Desert Storm had even less impact. But the current conflict seems different. For one thing, the WTC disaster did cause a brief interruption in the...

    by Kyle Gann on October 30, 2001
  • International Urchin


    International Urchin

    Since rai music scrambled up from the slums and street markets of the Algerian port city Oran about 80 years ago, it has remained ineradicably urban, restless, acquisitive, and gregarious. As a lyric-heavy outlet for the female underclass, with slang...

    by Milo Miles on October 30, 2001
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    Dookie from Dubuque

    Slipknot's Iowa came out just about on the 10th anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind. Like that record, it tore a noisy hole in the pop-narcotized charts, Soundscanning its first week at #3. The irony of a nine-piece act in jumpsuits and masks (from Io...

    by Hobey Echlin on October 30, 2001
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    Sex Bomb Baby Yeah

    When the Japanese realized their geese were well and truly cooked in the war in the Pacific half a century ago, they came up with the highly popular idea of the kamikaze pilot. However, within that cadre of certifiable fliers was an even smaller grou...

    by George Smith on October 30, 2001
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    Towers of Slog

    Record all the benefit singles you want, but sometimes the only honest response to crisis is to wallow in your own confusion. And Goths and Smiths aside, have any popular musicians made more of moping around than Leonard Cohen and New Order? Obvious...

    by Michaelangelo Matos on October 30, 2001
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    Bang Your Shoe on the Punk Rock When Kofi Annan warms up your crowd and Marcel Marceau is your opening act, you've got a tough job ahead of you, but that's the position a pair of South Asian rock bands were in last Wednesday night. The occasion was...

    on October 30, 2001
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