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    Not Fragile

    The latest Yes album, Magnification, was recorded in Santa Barbara, the rich folks' town that marks the end of Southern California and the beginning of the central coast. Farther up the line is San Luis Obispo, another big Yes stamping ground. The ba...

    by George Smith on February 12, 2002
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    Rai Fidelity Hakim, the Egyptian Lion, belly danced to the pulsing beats and unstoppable hooks of his sha'bi love tunes, while Khaledwho headlined the bill of Islamic pop last Friday at the Beaconstuck close to the mic stand. His only apparent c...

    on February 12, 2002
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    Too Filmy to Describe - Even Without Props, Ingram Marshall Creates Ecstasy

    Ingram Marshall is the great poet of the indistinct. His music is filmy, nebulous. It melts. It enters unobtrusively and dies by slowly slipping away. In between the drama can be gripping, but it sneaks up on you. A friend once accused me of neglecti...

    by Kyle Gann on February 12, 2002
  • Speaker's Corner


    Speaker's Corner

    "Hitler was dead/Welcome to Babylon" is the great line Ian Hunter uses to sum up the dawning age of rock 'n' roll in "Wash Us Away," from his latest CD, Rant. The song is one of the ex-Mott the Hoople frontman's patented ballads-cum-ravers, and had a...

    by R.C. Baker on February 5, 2002
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    Three Dead in O-Hi-O

    Among the many liner notes to the Electric Eels' The Eyeball of Hell, it is told that guitarist John "Broken Hand" Morton relished punching otherseither in his band or on the streetin the teeth in 1975. The Eels picture shows a fellow resembling Fu...

    by George Smith on February 5, 2002
  • Get My Fill I'm Chilly Chill - TV Commercials, Old Ravers, and Australian Weirdos Surrender to Chillout's Narcoleptic Bliss


    Get My Fill I'm Chilly Chill - TV Commercials, Old Ravers, and Australian Weirdos Surrender to Chillout's Narcoleptic Bliss

    Recently I nearly slept through one of my favorite concerts. It was a Sigur Ros show, and my friends managed to score front-row balcony tickets. We had a perfect viewpoint from which to watch all the sloooow-mo black-and-white experimental films whil...

    by Barry Walters on February 5, 2002
  • Play Mixy for Me


    Play Mixy for Me

    Making mix tapes used to be an all-consuming passion. Spending hours, days, and nights wading through records, compiling, adding, subtracting, erasing, I'd make thematic cassettesall women, all hard rock, all r&b. Or else, I'd just make 'em eclectic...

    by Tricia Romano on February 5, 2002
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    Barely Legal

    The best new song I've heard in the past year is called "A Stroke of Genius," but don't bother looking in a record store. Someone called the Freelance Hellraiser chopped up the instrumental sections of the Strokes' "Hard to Explain," rearranged them,...

    by Douglas Wolk on February 5, 2002
  • 'Gypsy' State of Mind - Bireli Lagrene Returns to the Source


    'Gypsy' State of Mind - Bireli Lagrene Returns to the Source

    Bireli Lagrene, whose electrifying new album, Gypsy Project (Dreyfus Jazz), represents his best work in several years, must have days when he feels like Michael Corleone: Every time he gets away from the Django Nostra, they drag him back in. I'm not ...

    by Gary Giddins on February 5, 2002
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    Charlies' Angeles Counterprogrammed against last Tuesday's axis-of-evil ratings stunt, a double bill at Irving Plaza provided contradictory glimpses into the state of the Britpop empire. Barely out of their teens (and named for a 32-year-old Tim Bu...

    on February 5, 2002
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    Throw Your Hands in the Air

    Pazz & Jop handicappers often look to this prepoll CG for clues to previously ungraded finishers, and a few do sneak in below. Mostly, however, I've been coming to terms with the hip hop crop of late 2001, which caught Christmas sales and escaped the...

    by Robert Christgau on January 29, 2002
  • Collapsing New Waves


    Collapsing New Waves

    1978, London: Tough to get any of those punks to shut up and listen, busy as they are screaming and being gobbed at. A nonplussed Daniel Miller, billing himself as the Normal, pens two mono-intoned, electrodrone un-ballads in response: "Warm Leathere...

    by Nick Catucci & Nick Rutigliano on January 29, 2002
  • Easy-Chair Rap


    Easy-Chair Rap

    It was inevitable. At a certain age, every pop genre begins to decelerate. In turn, its audience harkens for past glories and achievements, celebrating artists who uphold tradition rather than subvert or destroy it. How else to explain the emergence ...

    by Mosi Reeves on January 29, 2002
  • Waking Life of a Prophecy Girl


    Waking Life of a Prophecy Girl

    Sarah Dougher kicks off The Bluff, her spellbinding third album, with a beautiful nightmare. In it, she's hostage to her feelings, an explosion waiting to happen: "33 bombs with 33 wicks/Strapped all over me." In spite of the angelic background harmo...

    by Howard Hampton on January 29, 2002
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    Back to the Future Eighties revivalism is afoot, and much of its allure stems from self-awarenessfor all its glam pretensions, the decade was kind of dorky. "I'm a nerd singing disco," cooed Miss Kittin Thursday night at Fun, except the French-Sw...

    on January 29, 2002
  • Leaving Well Enough Alone - Stuart Isacoff Argues an End-of-History Approach to Tuning


    Leaving Well Enough Alone - Stuart Isacoff Argues an End-of-History Approach to Tuning

    Champions of the status quo find a particularly warm welcome in today's America. The very title of Stuart Isacoff's book Temperament: The Idea That Solved Music's Greatest Riddle (Knopf) signals that the status quo is OK by him. Temperament means fud...

    by Kyle Gann on January 29, 2002
  • Work for Hire - Sonny Stitt and Bobby Hackett Survive the Marketplace


    Work for Hire - Sonny Stitt and Bobby Hackett Survive the Marketplace

    All artists who have to work for a living are coaxed into adjusting the aspirations of their talent to the fashions of the marketplace. Recent compilations on Mosaic (35 Melrose Place, Stamford, CT 06902, mosaicrecords.com) suggest how two freelancer...

    by Gary Giddins on January 22, 2002
  • Blood on the Plow


    Blood on the Plow

    Be forewarned: After a No. 1 debut and respectable five-week dalliance at No. 3, Garth Brooks's latest album recently plummeted out of the Billboard top 20. We Garth fans have learned to watch such chart movement with warranted trepidationthe sight...

    by Keith Harris on January 22, 2002
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    New Belsen

    No doubt blissfully ignorant of the clueless snarky few who would deem their rise to billionaire-hood yet another example of the cultural vapidity that litters a child's weedy garden of verseless, Wind in the Willows-less Americrud, they exist solely...

    by Scott Seward on January 22, 2002
  • Clichés for a Reason - Not Knowing What Else to Do, Singers Sing 9-11 Songs


    Clichs for a Reason - Not Knowing What Else to Do, Singers Sing 9-11 Songs

    After sending out an open call in late September, The Village Voice received roughly 800 submissions for our benefit compilation of new love songs to New York City. (It'll be out in March.) They came from all over the countryfrom famous musicians an...

    by Douglas Wolk on January 22, 2002
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