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    What Our Pulses Say

    He calls his songs "control songs," though they generally tell us how little control we have over our lives. His new CD is called Togetherness, though its lyrics suggest that he doesn't believe such a state exists. David Garland's persona is a core o...

    by Kyle Gann on June 15, 1999
  • Between Intermissions


    Between Intermissions

    Over the past two decades, Michael Dorf's Knitting Factory has justly emerged as one of New York's cultural landmarks. Its deceptively compact Leonard Street building accommodates the Main Space and three smaller stages, plus decently stocked bars at...

    by Gary Giddins on June 15, 1999
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    I've always had my doubts about the notion of the hip hop "community" or "subculture" too easy to claim, too hard to verify empirically. But the eight multiartist comps below, only two of them Honorable Mentions, must prove something. BEATS & RHYME...

    by Robert Christgau on June 15, 1999
  • Jazz and Then Some


    Jazz and Then Some

    If the David S. Ware Quartet cannot sell out the flagship club of a festival sponsored by the phone company, then new jazz has a major problem on its hands. Playing at the Knitting Factory Friday night, the group clashed like stallions, rancorous and...

    by Douglas Wolk on June 15, 1999
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    Milling at the Mall

    Until recently, the Knitting Factory's annual summer festival was called "What Is Jazz?" The question was whimsically rhetorical, and implied that Downtowners know what they like. But things have changed, and the Bell Atlanticsponsored festival now ...

    by John Szwed on June 15, 1999
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    Bill Frisell and the Willies

    Seems like ages since Bill Frisell was Downtown's hometown guitar god, the main man of Don Byron and John Zorn. Frissell has traveled so far from New York, musically and geographically, that old Knit groupies are rank strangers to him now. For 10-o...

    by David Krasnow on June 15, 1999
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    Just Between Friends

    At their second New York appearance together since the Go-Betweens' breakup, Grant McLennan and Robert Forster played to a packed Merc June 8 with no backup, little patter, and the bemused geniality of former allies in a lost cause. In the postpunk ...

    on June 15, 1999
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    Blues for Jesus

    The last time we heard from maverick musician Moby, the former rave DJ was trying to discover his inner head-banger on 1997's Animal Rights, a self- indulgent cacophony of introspective metal and angst-ridden punk that managed to turn away many of h...

    by Frank Owen on June 8, 1999
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    Invitations to Hell

    Before anybody jumps to the wrong conclusion about Mr. Dibbs, let's get one thing straight. Cincinnati's leading turntablistdevil child is not on some Eminem dynamite-your-dick-and-get-in-Rolling-Stone -for-the-fourth-time-since-February trip. Mr. D...

    by Josh Kun on June 8, 1999
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    Softcore Techno

    Sex in American music videos is limited to jokey or "social commentary" snippets. But some Brits at Palm Pictures have just put out a real porno, Suck It and See, complete with soundtrack CD on Pussyfoot Records. Oddly enough, there's not much suck...

    by Chris Cook on June 8, 1999
  • Story of Junk


    Story of Junk

    Taking a primitive tack that's more DIY than any punk band's, Skip La Plante's collective Music for Homemade Instruments recycles the city's garbage for its annual concert series, which has been held in La Plante's Bowery loft since 1976. An eight-pi...

    on June 8, 1999
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    I've always had my doubts about the notion of the hip hop "community" or "subculture" too easy to claim, too hard to verify empirically. But the eight multiartist comps below, only two of them Honorable Mentions, must prove something. BEATS & RHYME...

    by Robert Christgau on June 8, 1999
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    Chirpy Cheap Cheese

    The hippest music around right now, as the success of Daft Punk and Cassius demonstrates, is a minimal house stripped of major-key piano breakdowns and wailing divas in favor of a streamlined flux that's one part sonic wallpaper, one part sonic Wallp...

    by Jeff Salamon on June 8, 1999
  • Future Crusader


    Future Crusader

    My favorite contemporary American singer-songwriter is Oliver Chesler, a/k/a The Horrorist. A thoroughly modern minstrel, Chesler pens tunes like "Mission Extacy," a hilarious tale of the amoral things Manhattan club kids will do to get drugs, and "W...

    by Simon Reynolds on June 8, 1999
  • Doo-dah!



    "This is my country/These are my people," Randy Newman sings on his new album. Since this is Randy Newman, the people in question are all glued to their TVs, proud booboisie, but the catch of pride in his voice, the swell of the music, is completely ...

    by Eric Weisbard on June 1, 1999
  • Sweating Pheromones


    Sweating Pheromones

    I don't mean to stick a flower in the rifle of rock'n'roll, but there's nothing like a few gunshots to focus the mind on good cheer, particularly when the dust clears from the martini glass through which we view it. It's 1968, and the youthful future...

    by D. Strauss on June 1, 1999
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    Micro Breweries

    Everything that can be done in music has already been done." The next time you hear some tunesmith fob off an interviewer with that tired postmodern mantra, remember that the human ear can meaningfully distinguish about 250 different pitches, of whic...

    by Kyle Gann on June 1, 1999
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    Total Death of Loud

    When I was growing up in Cincinnati in the '70s, there used to always be arguments about who the loudest band in the world was, "loudness" being equal to a certain form of "greatness." At one point there were news reports that the Who was the "loudes...

    by Matt Ashare on June 1, 1999
  • Total Eclipse of Art


    Total Eclipse of Art

    Does anyone remember laughter?" When human codpiece and supposed former infatuation junkie Robert Plant posed this rhetorical question to a roomful of drug-addled, glue-sniffing, Gremlin-driving, white-bread, chickenshit motherfuckers, what he really...

    by Scott Seward on June 1, 1999
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    Lester Bowie

    The most radical conflagration that Free Jazz Pioneer Lester Bowie has ever perpetrated: his Brass Fantasy of the Spice Girls' "Two Become One." The Spicies' own softcore brass is peeled away to reveal a literally lame melody, reducing even tuba hero...

    by Don Allred on June 1, 1999
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