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    East Village Buddha - Elodie Lauten Frames Allen Ginsberg in Satie-esque Calm

    In 1973, a 22-year-old punk rocker named Elodie Lauten saw an ad in The Village Voice seeking musicians for a women's rock band. She went to the audition and, in her words, "banged out a couple of songs on the out-of-tune upright, along with some of ...

    by Kyle Gann on June 5, 2001
  • Encore From a Utopia - Lucinda Williams’s Essence Comes Quick and Goes Slow


    Encore From a Utopia - Lucinda Williamss Essence Comes Quick and Goes Slow

    A year ago, Lucinda Williams was the subject of a grueling, penetrating, National Magazine Award-nominated New Yorker profile by Louisiana-born Granta founder Bill Buford. This isn't merely the best thing ever written about an artist journalists have...

    by Robert Christgau on June 5, 2001
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    A Development in Depth

    When Ken Burns's "Jazz" was aired a few months ago, there were complaints that the documentary spent too much time on Louis Armstrong's later years. The gripes revealed a bias toward one kind of musical development at the expense of another. The thri...

    by David Yaffe on June 5, 2001
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    Satchmo and the Critics

    Now that Louis Armstrong has achieved the iconic stature he deserves, it seems passing strange to recall the days when Satchmo was not just fair game for the critics, but when his relationship with them resembled the fox and the hounds. The attitud...

    by Dan Morgenstern on June 5, 2001
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    The Old Songster

    Sammy Cahn liked to tell a story about a night in the late 1930s when he and Louis Armstrong went club-hopping up and down 52nd Street. In every joint the entertainment was exactly the same: one exuberant trumpet star after another, each mopping his ...

    by Will Friedwald on June 5, 2001
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    The Once and Future King

    Amid the crush of CD releases timed to accompany Louis Armstrong's centennial celebration, a two-year event that acknowledges his avowed birthdate in 1900 as well as his true one in 1901, a remarkable oddity has glided in under the radar of many fans...

    by Gary Giddins on June 5, 2001
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    Armstrong Akwaba (Welcome)!

    Growing up in the '70s, I hated what seemed to me Louis Armstrong's antebellum Uncle Tom antics. My opinion of Armstrong changed when I saw the brilliant 1956 documentary Satchmo the Great, featuring Edward R. Murrow, at Howard University in the earl...

    by Eugene Holley, Jr. on June 5, 2001
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    Satchmo, The Philosopher

    In 1958, Miles Davis said of Louis Armstrong, "You can't play nothing on trumpet that doesn't come from him, not even modern shit." (Quincy Troupe has him saying it again in the 1989 autobiography.) What Miles said was not literally true. People rout...

    by Matt Glaser on June 5, 2001
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    Louis Armstrong 19011971

    Louis Armstrong was born 100 years ago, on August 4, 1901, in a squat, wooden, ramshackle building in a destitute and violent area of New Orleans known as "the Battlefield." His influence on the music of his century proved to be so sweeping that we a...

    by Gary Giddins on June 5, 2001
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    2001 JVC JAZZ FESTIVAL Sunday, June 17 Buster Williams Quartet, Something More with Steve Wilson, Eric Reed, and Lenny White. Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, 3 p.m. Tuesday, June 19 Downbeat magazine presents school bands from...

    on June 5, 2001
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    Eyeshadow and Concealer A talent as genteel as a gift for melody doesn't seem like something alt-punk songwriters ought to value. So you might not notice how Placebo's lead androgyne Brian Molko covers up his tin ear by blasting audiences with fee...

    on June 5, 2001
  • Satchmo at 100


    Satchmo at 100

    Louis Armstrong 19011971 by Gary Giddins The Once and Future King by Gary Giddins Satchmo and the Critics by Dan Morgenstern Armstrong Akwaba (Welcome)! by Eugene Holley, Jr. A Development in Depth by David Yaffe The Old Songster by...

    on June 5, 2001
  • Fear of Music


    Fear of Music

    Evol was four punks' instruments screaming bloody redrum. Goodbye 20th Century was said punks, 13 years older, covering John Cage and other wind chime mimes. Did the fountain of Sonic Youth abandon noise tantrums or fully embrace them? (Does Trick Da...

    by Nick Catucci on May 29, 2001
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    Best of the Rest

    Many of these subpantheon best-ofs have awaited judgment for years. My guarantee: All make sense as individual records. Where some artists (Joe Cocker, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick) fall off so sharply that an even chronological spread does them dirt, t...

    by Robert Christgau on May 29, 2001
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    Who's Your Daddy? "Pimp of the century," one admirer whistled as Ike Turner made a star's entrance at Village Underground on May 22. His eight-piece band was already playing a blues shuffle, splendidly attired: matching 10-button ivory tunics and ...

    on May 29, 2001
  • Cocaine Yes, Cobain No


    Cocaine Yes, Cobain No

    Before he killed himself, Kurt Cobain killed the rock star. With "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Cobain ushered in a wave of frontmen who wore sweaters, were friends with gay men, and did honorable things like play the Tibetan Freedom Concert. Out with th...

    by Tricia Romano on May 29, 2001
  • Boners Stay Home


    Boners Stay Home

    The Butchies on the Butchies: "They enjoy wearing outfits and being OUT lezzies." The Butchies on their Are We Not Femme? (1998): "Hailed as 'the most important album of the millennium' by some friends of theirs." The Butchies on their aesthetic (whi...

    by Hillary Ć¢??LooseĆ¢?? Chute on May 22, 2001
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    Skimmed Cream

    Since almost two years have elapsed since my last guide, there's no way to encompass the stacks of new discs rising like diminutive office buildings around my desk. I can offer some of the cream I skimmed, and note that, more and more, the most inter...

    by Kyle Gann on May 22, 2001
  • Kitties Rule, Boys Drool


    Kitties Rule, Boys Drool

    "Here and Now" in 1994 was Letters to Cleo's only MTV and radio hit, with lead yelper Kay Hanley's rapid-fire trademark chorus "Thecomfortofaknowledgeofariseabovethesky/ couldneverparallelthechallengeofanacquisitioninthe . . . here and now" creating ...

    by Metal Mike Saunders on May 22, 2001
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    Meow Mix

    During a recent quadrennial record inventory of the house library, I came across a copy of The Great Kat's Beethoven on Speed from 1990. It sparked memory of when I'd been slugged a copy in hope that some opinion would be concocted addressing one of ...

    by George Smith on May 22, 2001
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