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    Ina Dancehall GrooveFinally

    For years I've been blocking on Jamaican dancehall, which I knew couldn't be as indistinguishable as it always sounded. Three compilations below showcase the genre as an accessible singles music, which is what dance styles are, at least for part-time...

    by Robert Christgau on October 17, 2000
  • The Imaginary City


    The Imaginary City

    William Parker's upright bass walks the way Forest Whitaker does in Ghost Doga watchful, coiled amble that appears to be moving in two or three directions at once. You can find that touch-of-Zen implacability running through his cunningly adroit rec...

    by Howard Hampton on October 10, 2000
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    Sun Ras Saturnal Sorcery - Long Live Serendipity

    Early one morning, listening to Sun Ra's recently restored Pathways to Unknown Worlds, I was taken with the grainy glissandi that bassist Ronnie Boykins was bowing, rifflike, against a cluttered rhythm and pointillistic wind-playing. Then the phone ...

    by Gary Giddins on October 10, 2000
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    Wooze and Spazz - Twenty-One Reissues Prove Space Is Still Sun Ra's Place

    In his famous essay "Kafka and his Precursors," Jorge Luis Borges argues that Zeno, Han Yu, and Kierkegaard, though nothing alike, all now seem Kafkaesque. "Every writer creates his own precursors," Borges concludes. "His work modifies our conception...

    by Eric Weisbard on October 10, 2000
  • A Long Short Story - The Go-Betweens in Love


    A Long Short Story - The Go-Betweens in Love

    Eleven years after they finally attained major-label status with their sixth and formerly final album, 16 Lovers Lane, the Go-Betweens' The Friends of Rachel Worth arrives bearing Robert Vickers's arty, economically self-sufficient Jetset brand. Yet ...

    by Robert Christgau on October 10, 2000
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    Oracle and Roll Hearing the b'gockingly reanimated Who ("Actually," Pete Townshend clarified, "we call ourselves THE FUCKING 'OO!") shred Madison Square Garden last Wednesday was like revisiting the Delphic oracle via Ray Harryhausen. The very fra...

    on October 10, 2000
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    Like Our New Direction?

    Maybe Radiohead had to destroy rock in order to save it, or maybe they had to destroy themselves in order to save themselves. In any case, with Kid A, they've given their core constituency the biggest, warmest recorded go-fuck-yourself in recent memo...

    by Douglas Wolk on October 3, 2000
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    La La Means Let's Die

    Twenty-one-year-old Jon Crosby, the creator of VAST, is just too damn good at what he does. Once upon a time, when there was rock 'n' roll, bad notes happened all the time; they actually enhanced the music. Crosby makes no "bad" notes. Every part of ...

    by Michael Freedberg on October 3, 2000
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    Sylvias Mothers Grandkids

    When they struck the Hot 100 bell with "One Week," Barenaked Ladies secured their position as genuinely subversive participants in the mass media, right alongside Marshall McLuhan and SCTV. Like their fellow members of that Toronto-based trinity, BNL...

    by Marc Weisblott on October 3, 2000
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    Rubbers Full of Soul

    As catchy as they are nonstop from song #1 (39/Smooth's "At the Library," still the best song ever written by a 17-year-old) through song #68 (Nimrod's "Prosthetic Head"), Green Day's first five albums were not easy listens (i.e., stuff you could hum...

    by Metal Mike Saunders on October 3, 2000
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    Blast From the Past - History, a/k/a Charlemagne Palestine, Returns

    My first trip to New York City was in 1981, so I missed the '60s and '70s altogether. I never heard the Theatre of Eternal Music live, never saw Philip Glass and Steve Reich still on speaking terms, and, most regrettably, never heard the legendary p...

    by Kyle Gann on October 3, 2000
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    Costume Drama That Marisa Monte possesses one of the most seductive, entrancing voices on the planet was never in doubt for the thousands of cariocas and Brazil-minded New Yorkers that swarmed into the Beacon Theater Saturday night. The only suspe...

    on October 3, 2000
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    Making Whoopee

    Bjrk follows in a distinguished line of contortionists using their voices to make twisted, comical squelches, from Howlin' Wolf to Mark E. Smith, from Lene Lovich to the Fat Boys, from Mikey Dread to Poly Styrene (outside of pop, the tradition exten...

    by Scott Woods on October 3, 2000
  • The World Gets Leiíd


    The World Gets Leid

    The Buena Vista Social Club: Every once in a while something foreign burns itself into the nation's musical consciousnessor whatever you wanna call the thing that gets lots and lots of people buying the same record at the same time. It'll stick arou...

    by David Wondrich on September 26, 2000
  • Emotional Rescue - Sad Emo-Punk Boys Pull on Strings, Unravel Sweaters, Shiver íTil Spring


    Emotional Rescue - Sad Emo-Punk Boys Pull on Strings, Unravel Sweaters, Shiver Til Spring

    "Don't be a pussy all your life," Josh Caterer admonished in 1998, shortly before extinguishing Chicago's Smoking Popes. Crooned in a Morrissey swoon, the words were either role-play or self-reproachthis charming man was alluding to both the old in-...

    by Nick Catucci on September 26, 2000
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    Twee Blind Mouse

    Sub Pop, who put the Pop in Sub-standard heavy metal, must be commended for jumping on the N.W.B.S.B.M. bandwagon (that's New Wave of British Sad Boy Music for those of you out of the loop, or out of Looper records) by releasing the Trembling Blue St...

    by Scott Seward on September 26, 2000
  • Christís Exemplars


    Christs Exemplars

    So I checked and no, Buddy Miller didn't have CHRIST written on his baseball cap when he played the Bottom Line September 16; that was DUST squinting from a back table, we were kinda hoping it said A DURST, but no matter. It's true, however, that he...

    by Eric Weisbard on September 26, 2000
  • Zooids New and Old - Cures for the Twilight Zone


    Zooids New and Old - Cures for the Twilight Zone

    Schoenberg warned a century ago, during that twilight zone between Wagner and Stravinsky, that the tempered scale was used upits melodies worn out, its thematic variations a close-order drill going nowhere. Of course, jazz proved him dead wrong by r...

    by Gary Giddins on September 26, 2000
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    Some Guys Are Only About . . . Its tourist trade as Big Apple Americana notwithstanding, jazz no longer keeps a finger on the pulse of New York in the way that pedestrian hip-hop or sardonic grad-school pop can. With their music short on hipster c...

    on September 26, 2000
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    One Time, at Band Camp

    "Now, ladies and gentlemen," the MC says, "we come with one of the more soulful sounds from around our town." It's a snippet born for a Pete Rock interlude, except that the line, dropped about halfway through the new compilation Schoolhouse Funk: Lab...

    by Alex Pappademas on September 26, 2000
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