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    Out of Time

    It was Prince Paul's party at Tramps last Tuesday, though you might not have guessed. Aside from a brief, winningly loopy speech before he snuck behind the decks for the 10-year reunion of his group Stetsasonic and a little freestyle party curtailed ...

    on March 30, 1999
  • Die Old Stay Pretty


    Die Old Stay Pretty

    While so many of the manjacks in my fiftysomething-else cohort may have rushed out for a Viagra script the minute the ol' missionary did a paradigm shift on them, I find that pure rock 'n' roll still keeps the jeweled erector set functional to a T. W...

    by Richard Riegel on March 30, 1999
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    Screeching Old Dixie Down

    People who remember Nazareth at all seem to have strong feelings about the band; when my friend Naomi heard that I was reviewing them she asked, "Do you have to wear a disguise when you walk into Tower and buy a Nazareth album?" And my friend Leslie ...

    by Frank Kogan on March 30, 1999
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    Ad It Up

    Here's your second chance to catch statuesque Sevendust front-stud LaJon Witherspoon's gorgeous smile, shoulder-length dreads, and naked bust. The biracial mosh-metal band five tattooed-in-all-the-right-places Atlanta dudes who toured with rapcore ...

    by Rebecca Segall on March 30, 1999
  • Phased & Konfused


    Phased & Konfused

    Steve Reich's music hums with vibrating waves of our century's ocean of sound, an ocean that swallows up Charlie Parker and Junior Walker, African drums and Manhattan abstraction, gamelan trance and looping magnetic tapes. But Reich's experiments als...

    by Erik Davis on March 30, 1999
  • Y Not 2K? - As the millennium ends, Modernist Music is making a comeback. Why are we suddenly nostalgic for the formerly new?


    Y Not 2K? - As the millennium ends, Modernist Music is making a comeback. Why are we suddenly nostalgic for the formerly new?

    The music that has constituted the "contemporary music" of my lifetime so far is a music violently opposed to nostalgia. As Pierre Boulez, one of its leading architects, wrote, "If you do not negate, if you do not make a clean sweep of all that you h...

    by Kyle Gann on March 30, 1999
  • Work To Do


    Work To Do

    A decade ago, I replaced a late-canceling Elvis Costello as the keynote speaker at SXSW 89, the Austin music conference whose status in its third year can be gauged by its willingness to settle for me. Back then New York's New Music Seminar was the w...

    by Robert Christgau on March 30, 1999
  • Rock's Living End


    Rock's Living End

    "ROCK IS DEAD!" reads the large type in ads for the upcoming Korn/ Rob Zombie tour. Right below are three textbites about rock's dire state, drawn from prominent American publications, followed by $100,000 questions: "Huh? Who you gonna believe? Crit...

    by Matt Ashare on March 30, 1999
  • Sharks and Jets


    Sharks and Jets

    In 1975, before Blondie, Debbie Harry's Stilettos did a cover of "Out in the Streets," the Shangri-Las' mid-'60s lamentation for a recovering bad boy: "He don't comb his hair like he did before, he don't wear those dirty old black boots no more . . ....

    by Donna Gaines on March 23, 1999
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    Couth and Coolth - The Cream of Cabaret Month

    This year's Grammy Awards were dispensed just before March was proclaimed New York's cabaret month by Mayor Giuliani, in one of his more benign recent gestures. No Grammys were presented to cabaret performers, however. The music industry as it operat...

    by David Finkle on March 23, 1999
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    He's Got Your Disease

    I heard the hype and thought I'd hate him. So I put on Eminem just so I'd have an informed negative opinion and looked forward to the $5 I'd pocket at the local used CD store. Twenty tracks later, I couldn't wait to play him again. "God sent me to ...

    by Barry Walters on March 23, 1999
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    32 Questions

    What makes a great MC? Is it hypnotizing flow a delivery that gets inside the drum and bass patterns and creates its own rhythm line and a magnetic voice, and sharp details, and high-tech slang, and striking punch lines, and witty metaphors, and or...

    by Touré on March 23, 1999
  • Cybersex You Up


    Cybersex You Up

    In "Fan Mail," the title track of the most popular album in the country, funky torch trio TLC perform what might qualify as the first stalking song written by superstars for fans. "Welcome," says a Speak-and-Spelly robotic voice, "we've dedicated thi...

    by Kembrew McLeod on March 23, 1999
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    WWF The Music, Volume 3

    Somebody kept slipping this thing into the carousel at work before I found out what it was. I'd assumed wrasslin' music was sweathogs on skateboards, remedial at best. But each instrumental kept stepping right up to speak its piece and vamoose. Suc...

    by Don Allred on March 23, 1999
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    Getting Jiggy With It

    For years audiences on St. Patrick's Day have tolerated hokey bands dressed in Aran sweaters crooning "Danny Boy" while Americans of questionable Irish roots ("my great-great-grandmother is from County Dublin") invent their own version of the jig. Ne...

    on March 23, 1999
  • Roots of Everything - Yazoo's Time Capsule Project


    Roots of Everything - Yazoo's Time Capsule Project

    As you look around the average hangar, stadium, or bus terminal that calls itself a record store these days, it's easy to think that all the music ever made is currently available in the handy CD format, complete with copious notes and period photogr...

    by Luc Sante on March 16, 1999
  • Perfect Beats


    Perfect Beats

    In his liner notes to The Mountain, Steve Earle explains his goal in making a bluegrass album: "I wanted to write just one song that would be performed by at least one band at every bluegrass festival in the world long after I have followed Mr. Bill ...

    by Rob Sheffield on March 16, 1999
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    20 Centuries of Hits

    The "Ancient" Greeks whose barely-B.C. bonus track kicks off 20 Centuries of Hits sound like they might know their number's almost up. But gamely they twang their groovy pre-Miles/surf/Byrds modals for Apollo in shades, while singing in somehow appr...

    by Don Allred on March 16, 1999
  • In the Clear


    In the Clear

    If VH-1 ever make an episode of Behind the Music about Everclear, they'll have to combine it with Before They Were Rock Stars. Art Alexakis, the group's leader, did much of his heroin addiction and family tragedy before he left high school, lending h...

    on March 16, 1999
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    Push in the Bush - Sugar High

    This is a journey into sound. Or into a sound, a lone sample with a crowded story. It's currently squeebing out of radios under cover of "That's the Way," credited to DJ Clue?; it merely "features" Ma$e and Foxy Brown. Well, you know: Authorship is c...

    by Jane Dark on March 16, 1999
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