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    The Diary of Elizabeth Elmore

    You stand outside his house. You bite your tongueyou lick your lipsyou strike a flameyou burn it down. "A Torch," the best song on the Illinois band Sarge's second album, The Glass Intact, begins with a frat rape ("They got her drunk they never ap...

    by Jon Dolan on July 21, 1998
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    Dust in the Wind

    If you live in New York, maybe you know a Beastie Boy. You could be only a few degrees of sexual separation from one. Perhaps you came into downward dog next to one at yoga this morning. Shit, since the audience for record reviews is pretty self-sele...

    by Rob Tannenbaum on July 21, 1998
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    Chopping Timbre - The Art of the Indie-Rock Remix

    If remixing is a way to unlock the sound from the song, a natural host for it is indie rock, by now as much about sound as writerly intent. Postpunk recording techniques were developed partly for the sake of getting things on tape cheaply, but also a...

    by Douglas Wolk on July 21, 1998
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    Requiem for a Flag-Waver

    As I was saying. Why complain if a jazz festival is no more than a congested confluence of concerts? JVC followed on the heels of Texaco (discussion of jazz is fated forevermore to sound like Madison Avenue adspeak) and lay over the city like a shrou...

    by Gary Giddins on July 14, 1998
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    He Wants You To Want Him

    The main problem with Maxwell is he's not D'Angelo. It's so unfair. You try and boogie around it. Deal with the brother on his own terms. Forget "Brown Sugar" ever happened. It must be burden enough for the boy. For every post-retro-roots-nouveau sou...

    by Dream Hampton on July 14, 1998
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    In my all-time favorite Rancid song, Tim Armstong is hanging out with his man Lars on 6th Street in Manhattan right on the verge of losing it--losing it all, which is always just a minute or a wrong move away with these guys--when they meet three Pue...

    by Joe Levy on July 14, 1998
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    Drums Along the Hudson Again

    Long before Maxwell there was Maxwell's, the Hoboken-based nightclub that nurtured indie rock through the 1980s and '90s, offering a space just outside Manhattan where cult performers regularly rewarded the intimate, exceptionally knowledgeable audie...

    by Eric Weisbard on July 14, 1998
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    Songs for Woody

    Woody Guthrie bequeathed us his jumble. Willing in life to play straight man for many right causes, in death he left a tangle of words and roles. He practiced reckless disregard, saving up lyrics and then forgetting about them. He wrote the song even...

    by R.J. Smith on July 7, 1998
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    Foot in Mouth

    Ricky Martin's "The Cup of Life" is the Official Song of the World Cup, while Youssou N'Dour's "Do You Mind If I Play?" is the Official Anthem of the World Cup. What's the diff? None, they're both terminally bland, like much of Sony's Allez! Ola! Ol...

    by Elisabeth Vincentelli on July 7, 1998
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    Stove Polish

    Throughout the first half of the Faulkner novel Absalom, Absalom!, a letter floats in and out of our view, presented to the reader always as if a secret is about to be revealed, then withdrawn unread; handed from one person to another as the story wa...

    by Jane Dark on June 30, 1998
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    Radio 2.0

    The best radio station in the world went on the air June 12, and it's going off the air again July 5. Resonance Radio, put together by the London Musicians' Collective (the people behind the excellent magazine Resonance), is part of the Meltdown Fest...

    by Douglas Wolk on June 30, 1998
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    Is Everyone Happy?

    Why complain if a jazz festival is no more than a highly publicized, highly congested confluence of concerts? It provides work, a little excitement, an occasional surprise, and focuses attention on jazz, New York, the impresario, and the sponsor. Is ...

    by Gary Giddins on June 23, 1998
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    Boing Boom Tschak

    Two members of the classic lineup are gone. The new tracks were the evening's least distinctive. Much of the sounds were pre-programmed. One of the best moments came when the equipment faltered. And still it was one of those you-had-to-be-there shows...

    by Barry Walters on June 16, 1998
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    Conjugal Visit

    Quasi can play with your ears. Sam Coomes has a '70s electric keyboard that he says he bought for $50; it's called a Roxichord, short for rocking harpsichord, and he's wont to rub his body all over it. Makes it dance with an unpredictable veer, creat...

    by Eric Weisbard on June 16, 1998
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    Big Burritos

    Until it was reissued by the Smithsonian last year, I had never heard Harry Smith's 1952 Folkways Anthology of American Folk Music, though I had heard a great deal about its influence on a generation. Smith's exemplary selection and sequencing of unr...

    by Gary Giddins on June 9, 1998
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    Citizen Corgan

    True, Billy Corgan has removed most of the guitars, the pounding, the rat-in-a-cage rage from Smashing Pumpkins' new album. But don't worry: he remains stupendously insufferable. Adore begins, ever so quietly, "twilight fades/through blistered avalon...

    by Eric Weisbard on June 2, 1998
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    The Luminous Beam

    "State of emergency is where I want to be," Bjrk sang over and over in her encore at Hammerstein Ballroom last week, but that's just where she'd been for the previous hour and a half. Working her vocal range like a DJ scratching and fading vinyl, sh...

    by Vince Aletti on May 26, 1998
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    Jeff Buckley

    For someone who sang so nakedly, Jeff Buckley has had the constant misfortune of being heard through screens. First and foremost was his father's shadow: Jeff looked like Tim, sang like Tim, wrote long, wandering melodies like Tim, and then had the b...

    by Jeff Salamon on May 26, 1998
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    Sons of the Pioneers

    "Childlike" is not often an adjective appropriate for '90s rock. We value knowingness, scoff at navet as if it can't be natural, not when elementary school children play shoot-'em-up with real guns. And so we embrace teen harmony groups who pretend...

    by Barry Walters on May 26, 1998
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    If You Build It

    What do the blueprints of musical slam dunks look like? Preconceived or spontaneous, soberly drafted at noon or snatched out of the charged air of midnight sessions: what is the level of detail, dimension, length? On "Young Hearts" (from Cappadonna's...

    by James Hunter on May 19, 1998
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