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    Last Good Sleep The Big Black/Company Flow parallels just pile up: well-publicized farewell shows; small but fat-free back catalogs full of advanced sonics (wait three years for Co Flow's Ministry to appear); outspoken leader dedicated to indie ec...

    on April 3, 2001
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    Reason to Believe

    Quietly, perhaps surprisingly, Bruce Springsteen has begun writing anthems again. A new song called "My City of Ruins" marks his best work since Born in the U.S.A., though it's not included on his new Live in New York City. For now, the track is avai...

    by Chris Nelson on April 3, 2001
  • Takin' it to the Sheets


    Takin' it to the Sheets

    What were once vices are now habits. The Doobie Brothers said that. (Well, they named an album that.) (No, I don't own it, Skunk.) I bet the Scottish boys in Arab Strap have spent a few nights pissing in strange alleys at four in the morning, perhaps...

    by Chris Ryan on March 27, 2001
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    Must Be Some Way Out of Here

    R&B underachieverturnedjazz crooner Natalie Cole caused a stink a few years back when she resurrected her dead daddy's mellifluous voice for a "duet" that was part Hallmark card, part Rocky Horror. "Unforgettable," indeed. So when Danish DJ Funksta...

    by Anthony Mariani on March 27, 2001
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    Guitar bands, mostlysome oldish and some quite new, but none completely new, if you know what I mean. Making the old new is what guitar bands do these days. Some of them really get the spiritor is it do the trick? THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH Painting...

    by Robert Christgau on March 27, 2001
  • A Time to Refrain From Embracing - Oozing Pus, Monster Trucks, Bleeding Brains, Broken Glass, and Beaver


    A Time to Refrain From Embracing - Oozing Pus, Monster Trucks, Bleeding Brains, Broken Glass, and Beaver

    "My wish for 2001: The Voice goes easy on teenpop and bad metal coverage," Sasha Frere-Jones pleaded in his Pazz & Jop ballot. And ignore where the action is? Not a chance. Anyway, the previous Singles Again column concentrated on teenpop. So guess w...

    by Chuck Eddy on March 27, 2001
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    Man! I Feel Like a Woman! "I'm the Kingbut with a pussy!" growled Texas Terri Laird into an undulating, malodorous sea of boas and black leather at the Continental on Saturday night. Wiry, heavily tattooed arms flung up in the air, neon-haired Te...

    on March 27, 2001
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    Oh Bondage Up Yours!

    "What you are is missing a beat," Dave Matthews declares midway through Everyday. Timing, he's reminding us, is everything. Agreed: The usual late-winter lack of new releases means the critics are beating a drum for DMB's delivery of their give-props...

    by Nick Catucci on March 20, 2001
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    More Fly With Honey

    Crazy Town look like someone's idea of a parody. What with their overabundance of tattoos and piercings, it's like MTV decided to do a show about a rap-metal band trying to make it big ('cept they would probably switch Crazy Town's black DJ for a bla...

    by Scott Seward on March 20, 2001
  • Lovers Not Fighters - You May Think Itís Stupid; Rhett Miller Thinks Itís Art


    Lovers Not Fighters - You May Think Its Stupid; Rhett Miller Thinks Its Art

    In June of 1999, the Old 97's flogged the impossibly catchy Fight Songs by opening for Cake at a half-filled Roseland. Although I thought they needed a snazzier guitarist"a Junior Brown protg who knows something about Robert Quine," to be precise....

    by Robert Christgau on March 20, 2001
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    Fear the Cheaper

    At the end of the movie The Stoned Age, Eric Bloom and Don Roeser are standing outside a Southern California convenience store at midnight, lamely trying to peddle Blue yster Cult concert T's to two teenage fans (the boys even drive a battered VW wi...

    by George Smith on March 20, 2001
  • Over the Transom - Jazz Some Friends Asked Me to Tell You About


    Over the Transom - Jazz Some Friends Asked Me to Tell You About

    The first time I met John Hammond he regaled me by playing reel-to-reel tapes of unissued Artie Shaw and Joe Turner. This was back in 1969, and much of his desk, the top of the radiator, and just about every other flat surface in his office were stac...

    by Gary Giddins on March 20, 2001
  • Quite by Chants - England's Choral Tradition Still Nurtures That Nation's Boldest Composers


    Quite by Chants - England's Choral Tradition Still Nurtures That Nation's Boldest Composers

    LONDONMy long-held image of Europe is that of a continent endlessly spellbound by the Darmstadt composers who became famous during the 1960s. It may be that a longer sojourn here would have laid that impression to rest, but an early-season, three-we...

    by Kyle Gann on March 20, 2001
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    Enfant Terrible You might have been forgiven for expecting nothing but well-behaved, cutesy pop from the March Records anniversary get-together last Friday. But what's a ninth-birthday party without the bad kid acting outin this case, Graham Smit...

    on March 20, 2001
  • Dream of a Minerís Child


    Dream of a Miners Child

    Right at the outset of O Brother, Where Art Thou?, the soundtrack shatters our composure with a sharp beat of disconcertingly unmusical percussionthe blow of an ax burying itself in a pine log. The axes, several of them, belong to a Parchman Farm wo...

    by Robert Cantwell on March 13, 2001
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    Backstabs in the Material World - Its All in the Past Now; Money Changes Everything

    This time: Hits, many about the drama of romance and finance, including a couple you're probably already sick of. Next time: Not. DAFT PUNK "One More Time" (Virgin) The James Brown trick: Say "one more time" one hundred times; see what happ...

    by Chuck Eddy on March 13, 2001
  • Immigrant Songs


    Immigrant Songs

    The Dropkick Murphys are wild colonial boys bred and buttered in Boston, a seven-man band who've fleshed out their trad-punk stomp with bagpipes and tin whistle and mandolin and a bogload of Oi!-rish shtick. They're protgs of Rancid's Lars Frederik...

    by Rob Sheffield on March 13, 2001
  • Two Worlds Apart


    Two Worlds Apart

    Though it's nearly eight years old, boasts a Mercury Prize winner in Roni Size, and has infiltrated pop culture via car commercials, drum'n'bass still suffers from a giant insecurity complex. Briefly a golden child in the mid '90s, when Goldie, LTJ B...

    by Tricia Romano on March 13, 2001
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    Immodest Proposals About 30 minutes into Aceyalone's set on March 7 at the Knitting Factory, he needled the heavily backpacked crowd, "Bet I could stay up here longer than you could stay an audience." It wasn't an idle boast for this founding memb...

    on March 13, 2001
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    Irony Man Lives Again

    Were totally living in the postmodern era. Like, have you seen Scream 3 and/or heard of the drumnbass collective Bad Company, not to be confused with the 70s rock supergroup? (We studied em both in French class.) Well, as if these examples weren...

    by Nick Catucci on March 13, 2001
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