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    Cheap Gifts!

    Notice that the annual box roundup in the Times was almost all mixed-to-pan? That's why I seek out archival music that won't wear out your ears or your wallet. There are two three-CD sets below, one a concession to the box urge, but the rest are sing...

    by Robert Christgau on December 21, 1999
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    Baubling Over Christmas fell early at Irving Plaza, with the fa-la-las and ba-da-bas (and do-we-dos) echoing 'round the hall. Cuddly Jim O'Rourke would make a fair Santa if he spoke up a bit: He's got a seemingly magical ability to be everywhere ...

    on December 21, 1999
  • The Masters Have It - Ten to Live With While Waiting for Godot


    The Masters Have It - Ten to Live With While Waiting for Godot

    The arbitrariness of annual top-10s always becomes clearer the week after, when you look at other lists and think, damn, how did I forget that album and why haven't I even heard this other one? Then again, maybe the most honest list you can come up w...

    by Gary Giddins on December 21, 1999
  • Jam Bands Discover Dance Music


    Jam Bands Discover Dance Music

    Wetlands's basement lounge is the seventh-and-a-half floor of local clublandand not just because of the minimal headroom and occasional sense of shuffling among the zombies. Like the Village Vanguard, or even Yankee Stadium, the lounge is less a ven...

    by Richard Gehr on December 14, 1999
  • Seattle Pilots Move to Milwaukee


    Seattle Pilots Move to Milwaukee

    It's tough being a Stone Temple Pilots fan. The constant drug arrests of singer Scott Weiland aren't the problem; every musician has drug problems. It just seems most people don't give STP their due. The band has zero rock-critic or postpunk/indie-r...

    by Chris Cook on December 14, 1999
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    Lying With Animals and Children

    Savage Garden hit in 1997, the same teen-idol year as Hanson. Hanson was the cute-and-bubbly Michael Jackson. Savage Garden was the icy, sharp, scared Michael Jackson. Hanson was the Jackson 5 Michael Jackson. Savage Garden was the solo Michael, the...

    by Frank Kogan on December 14, 1999
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    Seoritas' Choice

    Marc Anthony is cool, badthe kind of guy you hang out with. Enrique Iglesias comes off as intensethe type of guy you sleep with. And Ricky Martin, well, he's just too good to be true; there's no chance of getting with him. Those are the keen obser...

    by Grace Bastidas on December 14, 1999
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    New Abstract

    The greatest aesthetic lesson to learn from past masters like David Bowie and Madonna is the value of reinvention. I still recall my teenaged shock at the '86 Grammy Awards telecast, when award-presenting Prince emerged from the wings in a penguin t...

    by Miles Marshall Lewis on December 14, 1999
  • Spitting in Fashion's Face


    Spitting in Fashion's Face

    Pitching heavy white-boy blues recordings must surely be the equivalent of choosing ditch-digging as a profession in 1999. It's horribly unfashionable to even feign an appreciation for a genre whose only audience is often thought to be little more th...

    by George Smith on December 14, 1999
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    Like It's '1999' There was purple. There was jamming. No one dared come on in a G-string, but there was stage-humping. The black-rockers, freaks, and stars who created "Party at the End of Time," a salute to Prince's 1999 album at the Brooklyn Acad...

    on December 14, 1999
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    Lester Bowie 19411999 - The Avant-Gardes Tireless Trumpeter Goes Out Swinging

    When an e-mail informed me of Lester Bowie's deathat 58, on November 8, of cancerI was reading Marshall Berman's All That Is Solid Melts Into Air, and suddenly everything he wrote about Goethe and Marx seemed to be about Lester. "Why should modern ...

    by Gary Giddins on December 7, 1999
  • Semi-Charmed Second Life


    Semi-Charmed Second Life

    For most of this decade, I put out a Top 40 fanzine called Radio On. (Yes, you're right: named in honor of Wall of Voodoo.) Each spring I'd compile a list of 50 or 60 current Billboard hits, and contributors would rate whatever they'd heard and write...

    by Phil Dellio on December 7, 1999
  • Moonwalk To Afrika


    Moonwalk To Afrika

    Leftfield. I'm a bit at a loss for words about these guys. The Afrika Bambaataa track, "Afrika Shox," a hit in England about which I've got plenty to say (see below), is something of an anomalythe rest of the new album is beats and textures, atmosph...

    by Frank Kogan on December 7, 1999
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    Trans-Eara Express

    Movies have been made of my memories. Not mine alone, but sometimes they feel that heavy, that concrete. Which is why I get gut satisfaction seeing them cut up, tastily reassembled. And why I'm enjoying the totally unexpected (and well-edited) return...

    by Don Allred on December 7, 1999
  • Gone Fishing - Remembrances of Lester Bowie


    Gone Fishing - Remembrances of Lester Bowie

    Lester and I met in high school in St. Louis and from that point on we were always hangin' out. He was a leader thenon his soapbox preaching, calling the shots as he always did. If you were ever around Lester, you were definitely following. He wa...

    by Compiled by Greg Tate on December 7, 1999
  • Roots Music Ping Pong


    Roots Music Ping Pong

    Alongside the expected Built To Spills, Stereolabs, and Sleater-Kinneys, there were two surprises atop the college radio charts this year: a Japanese lady singing about clouds and an Athens, Georgia, band transformed by Indonesia. Neither is exceptio...

    by Eric Weisbard on December 7, 1999
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    Jay-Zs Hard Knock Week

    If I shoot you, I'm brainless. But if you shoot me, you're famous. What's a nigga to do? When the streets is watching, blocks keep clocking. Waiting for you to break, make your first mistake . . . Jay-Z, "Streets Is Watching" Last Wednesday night,...

    by Jon Caramanica on December 7, 1999
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    Jonathan Davis, Public Freak on a Leash, Lashes Back

    "I remember vividly the sodomization and having to masturbate in the confessional and then being told my sins were forgiven." "One Brother would make me kneel in front of him and pray because it was my fault he committed these acts." "Within t...

    by Barry Walters on November 30, 1999
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    Im A Beatle, Baby, So Why Dont You Kill Me?

    Among the geezers and crones of my generation who have no connection with the popular music industry, Beck is the answer to the question. And the question is: "Name a recording artist born after 1970 whose works you've actually gone out and bought...

    by Luc Sante on November 30, 1999
  • Hey Andy, Did You Hear About This One?


    Hey Andy, Did You Hear About This One?

    R.E.M. 'The Great Beyond' Warner Bros. Soundtrack commissions have a way of stiffening the resolve of otherwise hit-resistant rock stars. Perhaps because they're cognizant of the high visibility and even higher stakes associated with big-time Ho...

    by Marc Weingarten on November 30, 1999
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