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  • Wandering Minstrel


    Wandering Minstrel

    The CDnow Album Advisor says that Everlast fans should also shop Billy Joel, the Dave Matthews Band, A Tribe Called Quest, the Beastie Boys, Lauryn Hill, and, er, Sammy Kaye's Best of the Big Bands maybe the swing revival really is a conspiracy. At ...

    by Eric Weisbard on February 9, 1999
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    Since alleged mensches the Beasties have become preoccupied with saving monks, it's schlemiels like Busta and Wyclef whom we count on to carry the kishke on behalf of Borscht Belt sensibilities. So it figures that a novelty rap act called M.O.T. h...

    by Marc Weisblott on February 9, 1999
  • Straight out the Trailer


    Straight out the Trailer

    Buy Kid Rock's Devil Without a Cause, and you're entering a world in which craziness still lives, an untroubled, happy craziness in which people with no celebrity status at all tract-house suburb people can act free. The Kid, who offstage is Bob Ri...

    by Michael Freedberg on February 9, 1999
  • Shake Your Bodega


    Shake Your Bodega

    If Fun Lovin' Criminals were the Ramones, their rst album's "King of New York" would've been titled "Gotti Is a Don," and their new album's "The View Belongs to Everyone" would be "The Return of Gotti and Paulie." They don't believe in lyric sheets ...

    by Chris Cook on February 9, 1999
  • Words Set, Not Sung - Melody Sumner Carnahan


    Words Set, Not Sung - Melody Sumner Carnahan

    Nineteenth-century composers had Goethe and Heinrich Heine and Maurice Maeterlinck to set to music. Today we have Santa Fe writer Melody Sumner Carnahan, whose enigmatic texts have formed the basis for more pieces of music I know than any other recen...

    by Kyle Gann on February 9, 1999
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    Jazz's New Wing

    Given all the clamor over whether or not Lincoln Center should unload inanimate treasures to subsidize performing ones, I was surprised at the lack of attention generated by the New York Philharmonic's plan for recycling Bach in 2000, the 250th anniv...

    by Gary Giddins on February 9, 1999
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    Wednesday, CB's Gallery. They're selling Daniel Johnston art, $50 for a color print, $25 for black-and-white, all the size of typing paper, images guaranteed haunted, generally filled with severed limbs and heads and his favorite self- image, the big...

    on February 9, 1999
  • Fox on the Run


    Fox on the Run

    Pride. It's a helluva lot better than low self-esteem, and maybe even more useful than anger. Pride may isolate you, but at least you can live with yourself. Except in hip-hop, where Biggie's and Tupac's deaths rewrote the stakes of stardom, boasting...

    by Evelyn McDonnell on February 2, 1999
  • A Bulgar Display


    A Bulgar Display

    Time was when a crowd of people circle dancing at 2 a.m., guzzling slivovitz, and showering greenbacks on a clarinetist would not have occasioned comment on Delancey Street. My ancestors did it. The five bucks Tonic charged for the slivovitz (blech!)...

    on February 2, 1999
  • Sugar Magnolia


    Sugar Magnolia

    Rockin' in the weary land? I'll say. Out here in the smog, bouncing across the potholes with the volume cranked, it's, like, really nice, Donna the Buffalo pumping in fresh air, the flash and feeling of rivers and falls and farms and fields, the eagl...

    by Patrick Carr on February 2, 1999
  • No Sleep Till Retrial


    No Sleep Till Retrial

    In a sold-out Continental Airlines Arena last week in support of either a merciless cop killer or a criminally enslaved African American dissident (depends on who you ask), Rage Against the Machine's Jimmy Page powerchords and hectoring editorial rap...

    on February 2, 1999
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    Bobby Conn

    How presumptuous is it to expect the Antichrist to be an unforgiving savage and utterly cruel? Apparently both "Antichrist" and "rock 'n' roll" now mean the same thing: a little play, a whole lotta lights, and some totally fucking awesome costumes. ...

    by Liz Armstrong on February 2, 1999
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    Bhagavad Guitar - Tisziji Muoz's Spatial Projects

    Where does music come from? Musicians are like radio receivers, proposes one theory, transforming sounds already zipping through the ether into the sculpted air that eventually tickles our tympanic membranes. Turn 'em on, tune 'em in, and stand back....

    by Richard Gehr on January 26, 1999
  • Y2K Pete


    Y2K Pete

    Richard Schickel's His Picture in the Papers argues that it was Douglas Fairbanks" not his wife, not his friend Chaplin, not any of the others who cheerfully, perhaps unthinkingly, opened up his life, that rich good life, to the public, and invited...

    by Tom Smucker on January 26, 1999
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    Did red ink really grease the sackings of Spin editors Michael Hirschorn and Craig Marks last week? Magnates at Miller Publishing which bought the magazine from Bob Guccione Jr. for $43 million in 1997 have cited disappointing financial returns. Bu...

    by David Sprague on January 26, 1999
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    The Beats Go On

    Any music that can potentially get Cher back in her bejeweled Bob Mackie drag is a good thing. When America's 53-year-old eternal teenager has an excuse to parade a swanky outfit (the Studio 54/"Take Me Home" era, her early '70s dark lady period, and...

    by Barry Walters on January 26, 1999
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    Who's There?

    Bill Callahan's voice is changing. It's not just that he's stopped singing through a coffee can, or whatever he used in the prepubescent lo-fi days of his musical project, Smog. It's as if all those dives into his own bathysphere of miserablism have ...

    on January 26, 1999
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    Dakar in Gear

    The work of fiction Mark Hudson's The Music in My Head most recalls is Nick Hornby's High Fidelity, another tale of a record collector defeating his mania on the road to mature love, la dee dah. Only it's not much like High Fidelity, because plot isn...

    by Robert Christgau on January 26, 1999
  • Melancholy Machines


    Melancholy Machines

    Ever since Luigi Russolo bent his avant-garde ear to trains, bombs, and automobiles, declaring the arrival of a new "art of noises," the music of machines has been the site for future shock. As Kodwo Eshun argues in his book More Brilliant Than the S...

    by Erik Davis on January 19, 1999
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    On the Honey

    It's hard to think about anything but honey in the presence of jazz legend Cassandra Wilson. The deep, rich tones of her voice evoke the gloss and viscosity of honey. Her band drips expansive and static arrangements of originals and reimagined standa...

    on January 19, 1999
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