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    Oh Gods

    Long before white boys began em bracing in football stadiums and throwing up Jesus for patriarchy, long before Chris Rock served a pathetic, conservative personal responsibility mantra as some new kind of revolutionary comedy, there were the gods. Oh...

    by Dream Hampton on December 15, 1998
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    Teletubbies: The Album

    I'd been hearing so much about the connection between Teletubbies and drugs that I had to find out for myself, despite being the biggest teetotaler you can imagine. So I take a swig of some legal GHB analogue a friend bought on the Internet, pop on T...

    by Barry Walters on December 15, 1998
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    Betwixt and Downtown

    Asked if he named Aerosmith after Sinclair Lewis's Arrowsmith, Steven Tyler shot back, "That was just a book they made you read in school." But if Pat Benatar, Iron Maiden, and Kate Bush could work variations on Pynchon, Coleridge, and Emily Bront, ...

    on December 15, 1998
  • The Ghost of Bruce Springsteen


    The Ghost of Bruce Springsteen

    The Boss has been downsized. You can't tell it by the four-CD box set Tracks and the coffee-table-size lyrics and photograph book Songs, but Bruce Springsteen has been rendered expendable. Given the ascendancy of digitized musictechno, hiphop, Natal...

    by Evelyn McDonnell on December 15, 1998
  • Love and Marriage


    Love and Marriage

    This half-century's most revelatory stagings of Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro by Giorgio Strehler (from Paris), Luchino Visconti (Rome), Herbert Graf (the old Met), Peter Hall (Chicago), John Copley (New York City Opera), and Peter Sellars (Purchase, ...

    by Leighton Kerner on December 8, 1998
  • Look Who's Ticking


    Look Who's Ticking

    From the beginning, Whitney Houston has been the most resistable of pop divas. This has very little to do with what her longtime mentor and molder, Clive Davis, persists in calling "her instrument": a voice so rich, malleable, and highly polished it ...

    by Vince Aletti on December 8, 1998
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    Rousing Rabble - At JATP swing, bebop, and R&B found common ground on the solid rock of 4/4, the aggression offering a raucous alternative to dance as a way of participating

    As Illinois Jacquet chomps down on his reed and squeals for the fifth or sixth time, you may feel a tad self-conscious about listening to The Complete Jazz at the Philharmonic on Verve 1944-1949 (Verve) at home alone. No, the way you want to experien...

    by Gary Giddins on December 8, 1998
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    Holy Squat, Jazzman!

    With a century behind it, jazz has had ample time to develop its own hagiography, with stories of its saints too numerous for even the most devout to keep track of. So along comes the Lost Jazz Shrines project a national, multiyear series of concert...

    by John Szwed on December 8, 1998
  • Dancing Up the Charts


    Dancing Up the Charts

    If you want to be an R&B or rap star, appear on someone else's hit record. Disco divas did it back in the day: Luther Vandross sang on a zillion dancefloor classics before he busted out with his own. But it's not so easy for today's aspiring dance mu...

    by Barry Walters on December 8, 1998
  • Cole Comfort


    Cole Comfort

    For someone so intent on seduction, Holly Cole attracts an awfully chaste audience. Almost filling every folding chair in a temporarily sedentary Irving Plaza last Friday night, the crowd was practically all settled-looking couples and families. Cole...

    on December 8, 1998
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    Different Times

    Nobody's going to kill me for this," Amha Esht thought when he started his Ethiopian record label. "At most I might land in jail for a while." He founded Amha Records in 1969, despite an imperial edict that gave the national theater the exclusive r...

    by Douglas Wolk on December 1, 1998
  • Puffinstuff - Bad Boy’s New Fall Lineup


    Puffinstuff - Bad Boys New Fall Lineup

    Bad Boy Greatest Hits Volume 1 takes you back to when the label's records were more than something radio forced you to endure. I mean, who can forget Puffy's sublime '93 remix of Caron Wheeler's "Soul Street?" O.K., but trust me, it's fierce. People ...

    by Craig Seymour on December 1, 1998
  • Give It Up!


    Give It Up!

    R. Kelly's letting you know straight off the bat that he wants a lot for your money. The opening flap of his new double CD reads partially like mandate, partially like prayer. See this man, he implores. Know this man. Touch this man. Embrace this man...

    by Joan Morgan on December 1, 1998
  • Consumer Guide


    Consumer Guide

    The records worth hating located by this annual Thanksgiving anticelebration are generally turkeys on the run, not fish in a barrel. Cynicism saps criticism, and only by going in with my hopes up can I muster enough hurt feelings to get mean when the...

    by Robert Christgau on December 1, 1998
  • Article

    Shit Happens

    Says the 31-year-old man whose stage name means "shit" in his native Finland, "I never thought I would do Paska after I was 30." Yeah yeah yeah, Mick Jagger said the same fucking thing too, once. But Mick's m.o. never matched that of Paskagoing shir...

    on December 1, 1998
  • Article

    Me and Julio

    I began to change my mind about Julio Iglesias when, as a huge fan of Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso's 1994 Fina Estampa, it occurred to me that Veloso's resuscitation of Latin American ballads was a blatant borrowing of Julio's core strategy. Even...

    by Ed Morales on December 1, 1998
  • Pathétique Chic


    Pathtique Chic

    Arnold Schoenberg was the gayest composer in the world. This makes perfect sense if you go by the rhetoric of cultural stereotypes. After all, Schoenberg turned his back on what is considered "natural" tonality and supplanted it with an "unnatural" ...

    by Robert Hilferty on November 24, 1998
  • Hell's Angel


    Hell's Angel

    Somewhere along the line, brothers and sisters, we all had the same thought. Maybe we muttered it to ourselves after hearing the suspiciously open-ended question, "Who Will Save Your Soul?" Maybe we panicked after the $2 million book deal struck for ...

    by James Hannaham on November 24, 1998
  • Beck to the Base


    Beck to the Base

    In just over a minute the Becklash begins. That's about how long one minute it takes Beck to get to the secret track at the end of his new Mutations, and if we look at the curve of time passing before secret track- appearances over his last few rec...

    by R.J. Smith on November 24, 1998
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    The New Euro

    Concocted in a French lab, er, studio, by Alan Qume, Benjamin Cohen, and Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter, Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You" (Roul/Virgin) has already conquered half of Europe, and soon it will be everywhere. You'll hear it ...

    by Elisabeth Vincentelli on November 24, 1998
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