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    Blast From the Past Freddie Foxx has a Raekwon-worthy alter ego ("Bumpy Knuckles"), a game face you could break boards on, and a seismic live presence that trumps even his string of two-fisted vinyl appearancesthink of Ving Rhames, doing his best ...

    on February 15, 2000
  • Tombstone Blues


    Tombstone Blues

    They were playing Warren Zevon in the pizza joint where I sat nursing a Chinese cola: a little "Mohammed's Radio" in the afternoon to help digest your shrimp-and-anchovy special. A few more of his toe-tapping near-hits wafted from the speakers, 20-ye...

    by Howard Hampton on February 8, 2000
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    It's a Manns Mann's Mann's World

    "Like any great writer, she has the ability to articulate. She is the great articulator of the biggest things we think about, 'How can anyone love me?' 'Why the hell would anyone love me?' and the old favorite, 'Why would I love anyone when all it me...

    by James Hunter on February 8, 2000
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    Swede Surrender

    Truth be told, the chatter of the fanzine dumbigentsia was almost enough to keep me from listening to the Hellacopters' Grande Rock for months. Don't know about you, but the "Hail-hail-it-sounds-like-the-Stooges-MC5-Detroit-rock-under-ground" shtic...

    by George Smith on February 8, 2000
  • She's Not There (Not Anymore, Anyway)


    She's Not There (Not Anymore, Anyway)

    I'll never doubt you again, Goddess! She Mob came to my mailbox as a promo disc earlier on, whereas I'd deliberately ordered the newly issued She set (paid own $$) from an oldies catalog, because the blurb made it sound "interesting." Only after they...

    by Richard Riegel on February 8, 2000
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    Bristol Stomp

    You could perhaps call these folks the grandchildren of trip-hop (you remember, that how-slow-can-you-go, mostly British subgenre that decelerated dance music to a creepy crawl and that functioned as bedroom music for narcoleptic lovers). Day One are...

    by Kembrew McLeod on February 8, 2000
  • Are Friends Electro?


    Are Friends Electro?

    Do you have a bitchin' stereo system? If you don't, go get one. Then go out and buy Space Raiders' Don't Be Daft, and play their song "Monster Munch" at top volume. Yes, that is a sample of Sweet's 1974 "Teenage Rampage" (previously covered by Bo Don...

    by Scott Seward on February 8, 2000
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    Out of Tunes Acolytes acronym it IDM, short for Intelligent Dance Musica contentious term for electronica that refuses the dance floor's frenzy in favor of stay-at-home contemplation. Weird, then, to see the IDM massive at the Bowery Ballroom co...

    on February 8, 2000
  • Well-Written Beats


    Well-Written Beats

    Why is this "beat-based" pairing of Cornershop's Tjinder Singh and Ben Ayres not credited to Cornershop? Answer: Why was Beck's Mutations promoted as not actually the follow-up to Odelay? Answer: When albums scrap the songbook approach for run-on con...

    by Eric Weisbard on February 1, 2000
  • So Much Difference - The Adorableness of Asian Alphabet Pop


    So Much Difference - The Adorableness of Asian Alphabet Pop

    When my older brother moved to Japan three years ago he spoke of sake in vending machines, judo on the Shimanto River, and J-pop. He spoke of J-pop as if the Ten Commandments were being channeled through its falsetto tones and ripe melodies, as if so...

    by Jaime Lowe on February 1, 2000
  • How Do I Quantize Thee? - Paul Lansky's Conversation Pieces Translate Speech Into Atmosphere


    How Do I Quantize Thee? - Paul Lansky's Conversation Pieces Translate Speech Into Atmosphere

    I have a nodding, amateur's acquaintance with computer music softwarepeople demonstrate it for me, and I try to raise my eyebrows and mutter, "Hmm, yes" at the appropriate moments. So it's rare that I hear music and have no earthly idea how it was m...

    by Kyle Gann on February 1, 2000
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    Spliff Competition

    Heads know that reggae dancehall is Jamaican hip-hop, and hip-hop with its template lifted from old-time Jamaican sound system dances is American reggae. The NYC party for hip-hop video director Hype Williams's '98 Belly feature film debutlike the t...

    by Elena Oumano on February 1, 2000
  • Reverse Crossover


    Reverse Crossover

    Even if her voice didn't combine the earnestness of Carole King, the skill and depth of Aretha Franklin, the breadth of Linda Ronstadt, the power of Janis Joplin, the energy of Celia Cruz, and the strength of La Lupeeven if it wasn't the world's mos...

    by Tom Smucker on February 1, 2000
  • Are We The World? - Global Music in the U.S. Faces the 21st Century


    Are We The World? - Global Music in the U.S. Faces the 21st Century

    Sony Music's recent and massive Soundtrack of a Century collection includes a two-CD set called International Music, ostensibly to celebrate the geographically diverse roots of the recording industry. After all, donkeys were used to haul demo cylinde...

    by Carol Cooper on February 1, 2000
  • Motorbooty Techno


    Motorbooty Techno

    DJ Assault is almost weird enough to make up for all the rap DJs who give mixtapes a bad name. While others show off their silly turntable tricks or exclusive freestyle verses from second-rate artists, DJ Assault prowls the outskirts of hip-hop, reun...

    by Kelefa Sanneh on February 1, 2000
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    What Would You Say? Since Travis Morrison, who sings and writes for the Dismemberment Plan, is obsessed with timetime as bundles of faded memories and good-byes; time, in other words, that has already passed into historyit's perfectly fair to re...

    on February 1, 2000
  • Prophecy Fulfilled


    Prophecy Fulfilled

    I was forewarned, and chose not to take heed. You know, how prophecy can get mofos all wound up like Chicken Little with the sky fallinwhile you standin there, like, "uh-huh." Sittin in the back of a music business course at Fordham Law, mindin my o...

    by Miles Marshall Lewis on January 25, 2000
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    Blondes in the Barrio

    Give me your heart, make it real, or else forget about it: Words that once might have been prime fodder for Engelbert Humperdinck or Tom Jones now radiate relentlessly from Rob Thomas, corpulent corporate rock misogynist rehabilitated by the magic ha...

    by Marc Weisblott on January 25, 2000
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    Move Over, Britney - Is Trance the Future Top 40?

    Even though the "electronica" big bang went boom a couple of years ago, dance music enthusiasts managed to win a few Pyrrhic victories when Fatboy Slim, Prodigy, and the Chemical Brothers cracked the Top 40. But they weren't the revolution everyone h...

    by Tricia Romano on January 25, 2000
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    You Sank My Battleship! Electronic music has one major challenge for people performing it in public: It doesn't offer much to look at. The PowerBook is a hell of a powerful instrument, but if you play one on stage, it looks like you're absorbed in ...

    on January 25, 2000
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