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  • Hell's Angel


    Hell's Angel

    Somewhere along the line, brothers and sisters, we all had the same thought. Maybe we muttered it to ourselves after hearing the suspiciously open-ended question, "Who Will Save Your Soul?" Maybe we panicked after the $2 million book deal struck for ...

    by James Hannaham on November 24, 1998
  • Pathétique Chic


    Pathtique Chic

    Arnold Schoenberg was the gayest composer in the world. This makes perfect sense if you go by the rhetoric of cultural stereotypes. After all, Schoenberg turned his back on what is considered "natural" tonality and supplanted it with an "unnatural" ...

    by Robert Hilferty on November 24, 1998
  • Beck to the Base


    Beck to the Base

    In just over a minute the Becklash begins. That's about how long one minute it takes Beck to get to the secret track at the end of his new Mutations, and if we look at the curve of time passing before secret track- appearances over his last few rec...

    by R.J. Smith on November 24, 1998
  • Article

    The New Euro

    Concocted in a French lab, er, studio, by Alan Qume, Benjamin Cohen, and Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter, Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You" (Roul/Virgin) has already conquered half of Europe, and soon it will be everywhere. You'll hear it ...

    by Elisabeth Vincentelli on November 24, 1998
  • Gravity's Rainbow


    Gravity's Rainbow

    Like plenty of other folks in wheelchairs, Vic Chesnutt doesn't want your sympathy. In fact, he can challenge the compassion of even those closest to him. Like the time a couple years ago when he left his wife and bandmates stranded in Milwaukee afte...

    by Will Hermes on November 24, 1998
  • Creature Double Feature


    Creature Double Feature

    Frankenstein meets the Wizard of Oz in an abandoned shoe store who wins? Jad Fair and Yo La Tengo took their grudge match to a sold-out crowd at the Bowery Ballroom Friday night to settle the score. Jad is the mad scientist. Half Japanese, the ban...

    on November 24, 1998
  • Night Work


    Night Work

    Singers have a rough row. Other musicians project their imaginations through instruments that double as prophylactics for their egos, but a singer is an instrument, with a lot more on the line. You can't hide behind shades and a mouthpiece; you've go...

    by Gary Giddins on November 17, 1998
  • The Unflashiest


    The Unflashiest

    At 65, Willie Nelson is an icon. His headband-and-pigtails could be trademarked if it was in him to bother, and neither his IRS run-in nor his adventures in the marijuana trade will stop the man who toked up on the roof of Carter's White House from r...

    by Robert Christgau on November 17, 1998
  • Taking Communion


    Taking Communion

    She carries her left hand vestigial, dangling at the wrist, her elbow crooked like some prehistoric bird, as if waiting for it to grow a wing. Alanis stops to let the song course through her. A moment to deliberate. On a stage that evokes a biblical,...

    by Lenny Kaye on November 17, 1998
  • Article

    Swede and Sour

    Don't believe a word Nina Persson says. The pouty lead singer of Sweden's Cardigans, who appeared at the Bowery Ballroom on Thursday to promote their new radio-friendly yet thematically alienating album, Gran Turismo, has, along with other insouciant...

    by James Hannaham on November 17, 1998
  • Article

    Urgency Emergency

    Was it possible? Could the tall blond under the Madison Square Garden spots be responsible for unleashing Jewel, Sarah, Paula, Alanis, Shawn, and a couple of Natalies on us? Funny, she didn't look cruel. She actually looked pleasant, not at all the s...

    by Steve Anderson on November 17, 1998
  • Article

    Built To Spill Over

    The German word for it is Konsumterror the fear that there's something you ought to be consuming and aren't. This year's CMJ Music Marathon was four straight days of Konsumterror. No matter what you were seeing, you had to be missing out on somethin...

    on November 17, 1998
  • Drip, Drip, Drip


    Drip, Drip, Drip

    To be an opera composer, Aaron Copland wrote, "The urge has to be so strong that because of some inner drive, little else in music attracts you--and then you are an honest-to-God opera composer. I am not such." My generation doesn't believe it. Opera...

    by Kyle Gann on November 10, 1998
  • Now Is Their Hour


    Now Is Their Hour

    Picture a game of dress-up where everyone agrees to act out Little Women, and you'll get the concept of The McGarrigle Hour: fun by the book, steeped in love and history, a sentimentalization of family that in other hands might have been suspect, and...

    by Georgia Christgau on November 10, 1998
  • Mall of Blues


    Mall of Blues

    These days, the blues seems to exist outside popular music, partitioned off to clubs full of worker bees unwinding with a few beers and a Grammy category they don't even telecast. Which is why you've probably never heard of Little Charlie and the Nig...

    by Lissa Townsend Rodgers on November 10, 1998
  • Monster Mash


    Monster Mash

    My favorite residual effect of electronica is how it's opened up loud rock to sounding hypnotic. The stateliest swirling lately (like Rammstein's keyboards) comes from Central Europe, but a couple of the more barbaric and salable mechanical-metal sta...

    by Chuck Eddy on November 10, 1998
  • Article

    The Hill Is Alive

    Inflated to the size of a Macy's parade balloon, the da de los muertos skeleton Cypress Hill's mascot for nearly a decade sat on a throne center stage at Roseland on Halloween, a ghoulish reproach to skeptics who think the appeal of this singular ...

    on November 10, 1998
  • Keeping Scores - Good old-fashioned movie music is as healthy as it ever was


    Keeping Scores - Good old-fashioned movie music is as healthy as it ever was

    A decade ago, bestselling multiartist compilations and their smash singles redefined how millions of people use movie soundtracks. Flashdance! Beverly Hills Cop! Vision Quest! Reacting against the incursion of Bombay procedures into the American ente...

    by James Hunter on November 10, 1998
  • Article

    They Luv Mekons

    Dennis Anderson and Lois Kahlert stand alone in the feckless cult of Mekons fans. Not because they claim to have seen the band "around 1000 times," but because they cling to a vision of superstardom even the Mekons have surrendered. "They have great ...

    by Josh Goldfein on November 10, 1998
  • Article

    Consumer Guide

    Hip hop is rich and unexpected enough these days to shore up a curmudgeon's faith in musical youth. Not that he sees any percentage in following the lead of a "hip hop community" that, insofar as it exists, makes no allowances for curmudgeons. Queen ...

    by Robert Christgau on November 3, 1998
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