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  • The Pompitouses of Love


    The Pompitouses of Love

    And the winner, accumulating the most points on the fastest-selling album in history by a newly emancipated-but-not-emaciated boy band, is . . . JC Chasez. He's the member of 'N Sync who looks most like he was sent down by Central Casting, a Bicenten...

    by Marc Weisblott on April 4, 2000
  • Thong Throng


    Thong Throng

    Blocking traffic on Washington Avenue in South Beach, Miami, a throng of men surround a red convertible like a pack of wolveshooting, hollering, cheering. In the back of the car sits a brunette perched like a prom queen. Arms outstretched in a victo...

    by Tricia Romano on April 4, 2000
  • Article


    Labor Pains "It's just work!" That's the lesson Warhol taught Lou Reed. It guided him through decades of rockstardom and the weekend's shows at the Knitting Factory, warming up to tour for Ecstasy, Reed's first studio record since 1996. Art is work...

    on April 4, 2000
  • The Way the Cracker Crumbles


    The Way the Cracker Crumbles

    Back when the Megastore opened in Times Square, Cracker dutifully showed up to perform live. They all wore Kool Aid-colored sunglasses, like Osmonds or Partridges. The place stank of sinister synergisms: the Virgin Megastore, these live Virgin Record...

    by Camden Joy on March 28, 2000
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    Don't Go Chasing Wonderwalls

    Because (What's the Story) Morning Glory is my favorite hard rock album of the '90s, and because Noel and Liam Gallagher look so damn cool in dark shades, I always find myself a little more absorbed than is probably healthy for a person my age in the...

    by Scott Woods on March 28, 2000
  • Still Not Just Art in a Cage


    Still Not Just Art in a Cage

    When rock stars sing love songs to their radio, you know something's fucked. Billy Corgan does it four cuts into Machina/The Machines of God, an album unapologetically positioned as the Smashing Pumpkins' commercial comeback, and it's oddly intimate,...

    by Barry Walters on March 28, 2000
  • Write a Book, Dude!


    Write a Book, Dude!

    Eels front man A Man Called E wrote both "Novocaine for the Soul" (a catchily morose request for a stronger-than-chicken-soup cure for pain, with guitars that flopped and quivered like upset stomachs) and Electro-Shock Blues (a little-heard, seemingl...

    by Alex Pappademas on March 28, 2000
  • Paradise Garbage


    Paradise Garbage

    It's tempting to imagine that Kenny Laguna invented the lifework he chronicles in the songs and liner notes of Laguna Tunes, that this parade of detritusTony Orlando before Dawn, Sissy Spacek singing the soundtrack to an Andy Warhol film, Bill Medle...

    by Eric Weisbard on March 28, 2000
  • Opera Rad - Robert Ashley Releases His Most Accessible Work


    Opera Rad - Robert Ashley Releases His Most Accessible Work

    I'll never forget, in 1973, coming home from the record store with the old Sonic Arts Union recording of Robert Ashley's Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon. My friend Marcus and I played it at my parents' house and listened with growing concern as the fe...

    by Kyle Gann on March 28, 2000
  • Opera by the Book - Today’s Composers Search for Inspiration in Novels, Plays, and Even Films


    Opera by the Book - Todays Composers Search for Inspiration in Novels, Plays, and Even Films

    Statistics show that old-fashioned opera is at an all-time peak of popularity in this country. But the figures also seem encouraging about the viability of new and future operasespecially when they're adapted from famous books, plays, or even movies...

    by Leighton Kerner on March 28, 2000
  • Article


    Three by Three Does Ani DiFranco ever believe in folk music. Anyone deliberately arriving late to her Avery Fisher Hall concert last Monday with Gillian Welch and Greg Brown missed most of the show. All three appeared in tandem, with Welch and Brow...

    on March 28, 2000
  • Ian Dury 1942–2000 - Avoiding the Grave With Mr. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll


    Ian Dury 19422000 - Avoiding the Grave With Mr. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

    Editor's note: Ian Dury died at approximately 8:30 a.m. March 27 in London, some five years after he was first diagnosed with cancerpeacefully, surrounded by his family, and, his manager told us, with a smile on his face. Thus he beat the following ...

    by Rob Tannenbaum on March 28, 2000
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    Crackered Actors

    Imagine if Iggy and the Stooges kicked off their first album with a nice, sincere version of "Get Together"you know, "C'mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together . . . " That's what the Cofer Brothers are up to on Georgia Stringb...

    by David Wondrich on March 21, 2000
  • Article

    Death by Truncheon

    You just know a Scandinavian death metal band is on the right track when it prefers performing songs written by senior citizens to the incineration of local churches. Entombed's Black Juju has threecount 'em, threetunes for the over-50 crowd. First...

    by George Smith on March 21, 2000
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    Sophisticated Ink - Cabaret Keeps the Wit Fire Lit

    People who complain that "they don't write 'em like they used to" are not only wrong; they're missing the point. Writers laboring in what is thought of as the Great American Songbook tradition still abound. Beholden to Porter, the Gershwins, Berlin, ...

    by David Finkle on March 21, 2000
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    Afrobeat Generations

    Am I the only one who finds the more or less coincident release by MCA of a chunk of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti's catalog and elder son Femi's first major-label album to be un peu gauche? An almost endearingly classic Oedipal anxiety surrounds the marketing...

    by Richard Gehr on March 21, 2000
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    Jesus Saves I was at Radio City for Q-Tip, who didn't show. R&B Jesus I was just checking out. D'Angelo isn't a songwriter, not really; the Marvin comparisons are the exaggerations of r&b faithful yearning to be led out of the wilderness, and the r...

    on March 21, 2000
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    The year's beginning strongthe five archival albums recommended below are the kind of stuff that always rises to the surface during the post-Christmas lull. And I can already slate three or four April releases for this slot next time. MC Paul Barm...

    by Robert Christgau on March 21, 2000
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    Harvester of Hands

    I once saw an episode of The Outer Limits called "The Borderland," about this mad scientist who was opening a doorway to an alternate dimension through the clever use of electricity and oblique equations called Hausdorf's Theorems. One experiment, na...

    by George Smith on March 14, 2000
  • All Ears - Disney Dreams Up the Best Radio Station in 30 Years


    All Ears - Disney Dreams Up the Best Radio Station in 30 Years

    THE seminal moment of the teenpop era is of course in the Clueless movie, where Cher refers to college-rock R.E.M.-crap as "mope rock," or "dope rock," or "slope rock," whatever. When Hollywood says it in a script, it's alllllllll over. Anyone who ru...

    by Metal Mike Saunders on March 14, 2000
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