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    Environmental Illness Mum said you're known by the company you keep. Tricky hopes so, chumming around with the likes of Dave Courtney, spokesgangster, who once ran "security" for London kingpins Ronnie and Reggie Kray. Courtney's got a best-sellin...

    on July 11, 2000
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    Wimps of Desire

    Greetings from parochial southern California, where relentless local cheerleading brings you Tsar, who (their CD sticker rants) exhibit "all the qualities of what will rescue rock'n'roll." So unhelpful! While the big brag is deeply woven into the war...

    by George Smith on July 11, 2000
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    Wheatfield Gnosticism

    When Canadian classic-rock stations have big holiday-weekend countdowns of the greatest songs ever, the Tragically Hip turn up often enough to sit alongside Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones at the top of the We-Are-Not-Worthy Hierarchy. The Kingst...

    by Phil Dellio on July 11, 2000
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    Quark, Strangeness, and Country

    Blessed are the freaks, the loners, the outcasts, the off-centered, the isolated, and the not-right, for they will show the rest of us what is possible. Which does not mean that the alt-country y'allternative setwith their studiously average looks, ...

    by Jon Fine on July 11, 2000
  • Touring the Jazz Museum - JVC 2000 Looks Backward


    Touring the Jazz Museum - JVC 2000 Looks Backward

    Is jazz a dead historic thing, or is it simply homesick for another era, any other era? The first concert hall ever built to house jazz is about to go up at Columbus Circle; the academy is rapt with attention, building new departments, endowing chai...

    by Gary Giddins on July 11, 2000
  • Motor Suburb Madhouse


    Motor Suburb Madhouse

    On the cover of The Source and on a two-page spread inside Rolling Stone last month, 26-year-old Marshall Mathers a/k/a Eminem and 29-year-old Bob Ritchie a/k/a Kid Rock were respectively photographed, both wielding chainsaws extending from their gro...

    by Chuck Eddy on July 4, 2000
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    That's Your Man Bilal has a couple of things going for him, besides being 20, cute, and considered the next big soul star. There's his voice, which can rasp, preach, and jar his nine-member band through a sandpaper rocker like "Second Child," then ...

    on July 4, 2000
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    Three Degrees Celsius and Rising - Canadian Hip-Hop Thaws Out

    The Canadian press has burped up a lot of hoopla lately about the sudden deluge of homegrown hip-hop, and, this being Canada and all, the stories have nothing to do with aesthetics and everything to do with whether honchos at BET will give a damn. We...

    by Scott Woods on July 4, 2000
  • The Bird Is the Word


    The Bird Is the Word

    There's creation and there's listeningone has eight letters and one has nine. Richard Meltzer For what it's worth, Richard Meltzer is the greatest rock critic so far, and over the years he's developed an ability to writeto get the prose a...

    by Frank Kogan on June 27, 2000
  • Words Belied by Music - Songs of Dargel and Reich Offer a Deceptive Simplicity


    Words Belied by Music - Songs of Dargel and Reich Offer a Deceptive Simplicity

    I hope I never become an old curmudgeon, reflexively dismissive of the younger generation. The unsettling truth, though, is that I find a lot of twentysomething composers eerily conservative, seemingly unaware of the last 25 years of new music and wr...

    by Kyle Gann on June 27, 2000
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    Froggys Got a Squeezebox

    Last time you heard so much accordion, chances are it was polka and you were drunkenly foraging through your grandparents' vinyl. Or maybe you were in New Orleans for a weekend of debauchery and zydeco. But what the amorphous Parisian band Les Primit...

    by Elisabeth Vincentelli on June 27, 2000
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    Rekall Yr Idols

    "Sonic matters, Sonic Kollaborations" exhibition, 77 Wooster street, through september 10 (photo courtesy of Printed Matter ). Speaking of ghosts, I'm looking at the poster for the Noise Fest that occupied White Columns, on far west Spring St...

    by Luc Sante on June 27, 2000
  • Impolite Discourse - The Noise Boys Ride Again


    Impolite Discourse - The Noise Boys Ride Again

    To can the first-person taboo and proceed to the main event: Fuck yes I have a personal interest in the books that follow. Not just because all involve rock criticism and I am Der Dean (sorry, it just came out of my mouth on two A&M gin-and-tonics, 1...

    by Robert Christgau on June 27, 2000
  • All Fall Down


    All Fall Down

    Seven years it's taken Welsh well-to-dos Catatonia to be heard in the states, and the wait has seated them royally, with a foxy Cerys Matthews adorning the covers and pages of publications around the country, at the peak of all her sex-kitten reputed...

    by Emma Pearse on June 27, 2000
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    Prizewinning Jams Irving Plaza mimicked the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion last Thursday for the First Annual Jammys Awards, what with separate queues for revelers, press, and jam-scene potentates. Wetlands owner Peter Shapiro even offered the Lifetime ...

    on June 27, 2000
  • Memphis Bleak


    Memphis Bleak

    Time was, great hip-hop was self-evident. With few exceptions, the best rap albums of the '80s were also the most widely celebrated, and everybody knew a classic when they heard it. Then things got messy: The '90s saw the rise and fall of a bitter bi...

    by Kelefa Sanneh on June 20, 2000
  • Knitting at Home


    Knitting at Home

    The Knitting Factory's former What Is Jazz? festival has resolved its identity crisis, the way the Borg on Star Trek do. As the Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival, it has assimilated every musical genre it can get its hands on and expanded its territorial r...

    by Michelle Mercer on June 20, 2000
  • Saved by the Classics - Bell Meets (Is?) Big Brother


    Saved by the Classics - Bell Meets (Is?) Big Brother

    Okay, so Michael Dorf is not the Flo Ziegfeld of jazz, not yet. Forgive the prefestival enthusiasm, but the pain of festivals past, like the pain of pregnancy, has no shelf life. Last year at this time I was vowing to be in another country this year ...

    by Gary Giddins on June 20, 2000
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    Shuffering and Shmiling

    Below note 10 releases by or associated with Fela Kuti, a total that the truly mad will observe falls short of the entirety of MCA's massive and welcome reissue promotion. The missing found their resting place in the file I call Limbo: Coffin for the...

    by Robert Christgau on June 20, 2000
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    Nobody Out-scluded She was introduced as "the priestess and the queen," but at Wetlands last Thursday, former Slits front woman Ari Up looked more like a Rastafarian Judy Jetson, in a silver iridescent dress with matching knee-high boots. Her dre...

    on June 20, 2000
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