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    Ecleftic Ladyland

    Ever have a bright idea, a 1000-watt bulb so blazin that it inevitably slides into the collective consciousness of pop culture? Even if the brainstorm was a somewhat obvious eventuality, it probably pissed you off more than a little when it publicly ...

    by Miles Marshall Lewis on September 19, 2000
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    Dancehall Daze - Toasters Catch Fire, Burn Down Wall

    Reggae dancehall discovered before hip-hop that a turntable and mike-rocker can be as potent as the conventional spectacle of vocalist, background singers, and band framedand therefore certified as entertainmentby a proscenium arch. But it took hip...

    by Elena Oumano on September 19, 2000
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    Afropop Worldwide

    Once or twice a year I spend a few weeks comparing and contrasting the latest cache of Afropop, but rarely do so many good ones fall into place simultaneously. I don't promise there aren't more in store, either. Still, this should hold you. B...

    by Robert Christgau on September 19, 2000
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    Lost Treasures - The Theatre of Eternal Music

    In the Theatre of Eternal Music, tones grew from other tones like branches from a tree. A drone would start, and other perfectly tuned dronesguided by the flickering of La Monte Young's reedy sopranino saxophonewould appear and sustain on Tony Conr...

    by Kyle Gann on September 19, 2000
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    Programmed to Receive Al Jolson or Al Gore? "You ain't seen nothing yet!" boomed the vice president from the Radio City Music Hall stage last Thursday, revving up the Democratic baby-boom power elite. Then he treated us to one-liners from his Lett...

    on September 19, 2000
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    Make Do With Grin

    When I was nine years old the two comedy singers who vied for my smile were Allan Sherman and Tom Lehrer. Lehrer's got a box set on Rhino (The Remains of Tom Lehrer), but I'll talk a bit about Sherman first, since the two make an interesting contrast...

    by Frank Kogan on September 12, 2000
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    Hack Scratch Fever

    After half a century of putting out tony conservative works such as William F. Buckley's God and Man at Yale and Russell Kirk's The Conservative Mind, Regnery Publishing has decided to embark on a journey to the center of the mind of Ted Nugent. "I ...

    by Arsenio Orteza on September 12, 2000
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    Lying Saucer

    Every day sees one more example of the creeping nincompoopism constant in American life. Today's selection is UFO's Covenant. The "bonus" disc included with it is a live recording, the track listing of which is so utterly fubar it bears not even the ...

    by George Smith on September 12, 2000
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    Lunch Goes On - Burritos, Burgers, Chili Dogs, and Vienna Sausages

    Lonely hearts who've misinterpreted this column's heading on the Voice Web site are welcome to skip directly to the rather pervy L.L. Cool J single, if they want. CHUMBAWAMBA "Enough Is Enough (Kick It Over)" (limited-edition unlabeled pr...

    by Chuck Eddy on September 12, 2000
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    Bye Bye Bipolar I bet the fat fuck in 'N Sync is real glad the band inked that deal with Mickey Dhe probably averages a half-dozen Big Macs a day, I said to myself while band plus arm candy strolled down the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awar...

    on September 12, 2000
  • Spirituality Having Flown


    Spirituality Having Flown

    House music aunts and uncles often regale their younger brethren with tales of the good old days at the Paradise Garage, the celebrated downtown New York club that was open from 1977 to 1987 in a former truck depot at 84 King Street. With tears welli...

    by Frank Owen on September 5, 2000
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    Essence of Tropiclia

    I was not my first choice for this piece. I was hoping a Portuguese speaker or, even better, someone who actually witnessed Tropiclia's birth would step up to wave the flag for the Gilberto Gil reissues. But these CDs have been sitting in the racks ...

    by Sasha Frere-Jones on September 5, 2000
  • Hush Roar at Rush Hour


    Hush Roar at Rush Hour

    In some ways, Underworld are just three guys who, consistently sustaining the most distinct sonic signature, think up ways to make endless series of dancebeats sound rivetingbut that's a little like saying the Rolling Stones were just five guys who ...

    by James Hunter on September 5, 2000
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    Under Heavy Manners

    Cheese is often the result of deep talent and a forward vision. David Axelrod was to studio funk what Joe Meek was to Merseybeat: a mad-scientist insider who twisted further and further toward the margins until all that was left was twist. For this h...

    by D. Strauss on September 5, 2000
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    Keeping It Unreal

    In the dawning of our Lord Jesus Cobain, a/k/a the fall of 1991, P.M. Dawn's debut hip-hop single, "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss," rode to the top of Billboard's pop singles chart, and it felt like an affront on every level to alt-rockers and gangsta r...

    by Scott Woods on September 5, 2000
  • Rattling the Stones - Glenn Branca and Friends Shake the Brooklyn Bridge


    Rattling the Stones - Glenn Branca and Friends Shake the Brooklyn Bridge

    If the Brooklyn Bridge seemed unusually wobbly as you drove over it July 20, especially at one end, I think I can explain. In the previous few days, the Lincoln Center Festival had completed a quirkily heterogeneous survey of digital and analog elect...

    by Kyle Gann on September 5, 2000
  • Mixed-and-Matched Emotions


    Mixed-and-Matched Emotions

    A friend of mine says this about Ida: "They're terrible. I love them as people, but their lyrics and style just make me cringe." The irony is that he finds Elizabeth Mitchell's voice transporting, grainy, and warm enough to resurrect an old Dolly Par...

    by Eric Weisbard on September 5, 2000
  • Grace Under Pressure


    Grace Under Pressure

    Looking past Eminem, Britney, and Creed to the unknowns, this summer's most persistent chart-huggers have been a St. Louis rapper whose signing represents a rock A&R man at Universal's first venture into hip-hop and a Vacaville, California, hard rock...

    by Eric Weisbard on August 29, 2000
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    D.I. Why Not?

    Most music histories pimp along the usual bullshit lies, elevating a handful of heroes to mythic status while leaving most of the little people who weren't "leaders" (bestsellers, critical darlings) in the Dumpster. The punk, indie, and alternative s...

    by Jason Gross on August 29, 2000
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    Gods of False Metal

    For over a decade now, there's been an almost entirely hypothetical civil war within metal fandom, a struggle of "true metal"generally whoever's making the case for the war's existenceagainst "false metal"you know, the poseurs, the metal wannabes ...

    by Douglas Wolk on August 29, 2000
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