ASAP Rocky: Chopping, Screwing, And Repping For Harlem

Late yesterday I was psyched enough to find

ASAP Rocky

's new video for "Peso" (which you can

download here

) that I decided to craft a video primer on the up-and-coming MC. He reps Harlem pretty hard, but his beats are so chopped and screwed you'd think he was a student of

Mike Jones

. Also, he seems to be bringing back grills. (This is not a complaint.) And he's even got a co-sign from



His track "Wassup" is over a Clams Casino beat that makes us want to smoke a blunt in a spaceship going at warp speed. (Sorry, Mom!) His next mixtape, Live.Love.A$AP, comes out in the next few weeks and should be something to watch for—especially if he keeps putting out videos that put scenes from Kids to shame.

ASAP Rocky, "Purple Swag"

This gets particularly great at the 1:30 mark, when the bells come in. Side note: these guys need to wear helmets.

ASAP Rocky, "Get High"

Doesn't it suck when you're making out in your friend's bathtub and someone opens the shower curtain on you? The worst.

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