Behind the YouTube Music: Brooklyn's Muppets-Synced Escort

Any YouTube file with the keywords "escort,""video," and "all through the night" is gonna get a remarkable amount of Web traffic, but the viral success of Escort's "All Through the Night," "a Technicolor blast of dance-floor dynamite," wasn't due to the clip's perviness. It was, as you likely recall, the singing Muppets:

For this week's dead-tree version of this publication, Brumpster Harvilla hung out with Escort one week into their "fame" to find out the story behind the Hensonized story:

Irvin Coffee, a jovial filmmaking friend of the band who's worked on The Chappelle Show and a documentary called The Beauty Academy of Kabul, sat down with eight DVDs' worth of raw Muppet material and bashed it out. "Discounting all the technological bullshit, it took three days," he recalls.

Harvilla also went to see Escort at Stuyvesant Town Oval and came face-to-face with one member of Escort's self-appointed septuagenarian street team:

Everyone in the Oval is hella smiley, onstage and off, from the pogoing young 'uns to the twentysomething beanpoles carrying Other Music bags, to the nearby dancing queen who informs me several times that she is (a) 78 years old and (b) really excited. "If they can bring this out in me—a 78-year-old lady!" she marvels. "I haven't felt this good in ages!"

Perhaps it was "All Through the Night"'s lyrics?

When you wanna sex me Give it up If you wanna freak me Give it up You don't have to take me out Just pick me up and turn me out Give it up

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