Bolaño's 2666 To Never, Ever End

One more huge spine TK
One more huge spine TK

So, in addition to the discovery of two more novels, Diorama and The Troubles of the Real Police Officer, found among papers Roberto Bolaño left behind in Spain when he died, The Guardian is also reporting that "what is believed to be a sixth section of Bolaño's epic five-part novel 2666" has also now come to light. A temptation to view this as chicanery by Andrew Wiley, the Scott Boras of literary agents who took over Bolaño's estate last year (opting out of the old contract for 2666, if you will, in order to gain its new representative a fresh commission), is probably in vain. The guy just wrote and wrote and wrote. "I am waiting for the last Bolano-Biggie Smalls duet to surface," comments Adam Sternbergh on the Vulture post that brought us this news. The timing does just work...

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