Bow Down to This Week in Music Writing

Bow Down to This Week in Music Writing

Bow down to the stories included in this edition of This Week in Music Writing, which were at some point scrolled through by Voice music writers. See a story you think should be included here? Let us know.

Popdust breaks down the lyrics to Beyonce's new song, "Bow Down/ I Been On" [Popdust]

By the Time You're Reading This, Justin Timberlake Just Might've Sold a Million Copies of The 20/20 Experience [Grantland]

The Noisey Guide to Rappers to Watch in 2013 [Noisey]

Big Media Flexes Its Muscle, and Justin Timberlake Sells a Lot of Music [All Things D]

For Pitchfork, Lindsay Zoladz breaks down how the P2P-era of mislabeled mp3s affects our music tastes [Pitchfork]

We Got That Ass! Inside the World of Jersey Club [Spin]

The Unedited Transcript of Tom Thibodeau's Waka Flocka Press Conference [Grantland]

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