Cabaretland With Uncle Aldervan

SYNOPSIS In which Uncle Aldervan teaches the kiddies about cabaret and why you don't always need distorted guitars to make a point. Mable Mercers is elected the official Queen of Cabaret. Hearts throb for Mr Eckstine and Miss Fuller. Uncle A's upcoming turn at the Duplex is discussed, the star of which will be (as always) THE SONG. Book your tickets, and we'll see you there...

NEXT WEEK: The antidote/the antichrist/the auntiemame?

Playlist for Episode 40

INTRO: "Getting So Old in New York City" by Aldervan Daly

"Sunday in New York" by Andrea Marcovicci

"April Snow" by Barbara Cook

"Better Days" by Karen Mason

"Young and Foolish" by Mabel Mercer

"Bidin' My Time" by Johnny Hartman

"In the Still of the Night" by Billy Eckstine

"This Bitter Earth" by Aldervan Daly

"Days Gone By" by Mabel Mercer

"The Nearness of You" (live) by Kate Cooke

"Job Application" / "Fifty Percent" (live) by Penny Fuller

"When the World Was Young" by Mabel Mercer

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