Cheap Laughs: The Best in Indie and Alt Comedy This Week

A whole week of this guy! (Chris Gethard)
A whole week of this guy! (Chris Gethard)

Let's be honest: summer isn't funny. Relaxation? Happy folks on beaches? Beautiful people in swimwear, flaunting their lack of body shame? Urgh. Thank God it's officially over and New York comedy fans can get back to what they do best: laughing at human frailty in dimly lit basements. This week we spotlight one of the city's true comedian-punk-weirdo-impressario-icons, Chris Gethard. The public access talk show host uses a week-long residence at The Creek and the Cave to do (surprise, surprise) some weirdly awesome punk-rock clown shit: a completely different show every night for five nights this week.

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Monday, September 2nd


7 p.m., free. Need to unwind after an afternoon spent in hellish post-beach traffic? Join Chris Gethard and Garden State comedy icon

Tom Scharpling

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(host of WFMU radio's tent-pole "Best Show") as they share weird sodas from across the country and answer life's most important question, like why is New Jersey so great, but also so incredibly strange?

Tuesday, September 3rd

Jermaine Fowler - A Shitty Robbery from Adam Wirtz on Vimeo.

PUNDERDOME 3000 Littlefield Doors 7.30 p.m., Show 8 p.m. $6 in advance, $7 on the door Tickets Join self-proclaimed "Rodney Dangerfield impersonator" and his alleged daughter (Fred and Jo Firestone) for an intense evening of competitive, spontaneous pun-making. Anyone can enter and judges Jason Zinoman (New York Times Comedy Critic) and Jermaine Fowler (MTV) will anoint the evening's best punderkind.

A PUBLIC CRITIQUE OF CHRIS GETHARD BY MIKE BIRBIGLIA The Creek and the Cave 7 p.m., free This could get wonderfully ugly... This American Life's Mike Birbiglia will deconstruct all of Chris Gethard's material live on stage and deliver what promises to be a withering critique of his act. Gethard is about to do his first formal standup recording. Ahead of something like that, most artists would want to be at the height of their confidence. Not Gethard. He wants a more successful comedian to dress him down in public. He's that kind of guy.

Wednesday, September 4th

CHRIS GETHARD TAPING The Creek and the Cave 7 p.m., free Never have more funny stories of being a loveable loser from New Jersey been told on one night, ever.


Thursday, September 5th

Joe Zimmerman on Comedy Central - John Oliver's New York Stand Up Show from Joe Zimmerman on Vimeo.

CLASS WAR Three of Cups 8 p.m., free. Joe Zimmerman headlines a packed show at downtown freak-den Three of Cups, featuring a blend of blooded New York veterans like The Lucas Brothers and up-and-coming hustlers like Myka Fox. Tip your heavily tattooed bartender and a night of buybacks and laughs is guaranteed.

THE GETHARD ROUNDTABLE: WHICH IS THE MORE DEPRESSING LIFESTYLE, COMEDIAN OR MUSICIAN? The Creek and the Cave 7 p.m., free. Musicians Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Females, Noun), Johnny and Jen from Shellshag and Mikey Erg (The Ergs!) join Chris Gethard for a starving artist "misery-off." Both comedians and musicians live lives of almost medieval humiliation. But who sits at the VERY bottom of that shit-pyramid we call showbusiness? Find out tonight!

Friday, September 6th

GOOD MORNING NIGHTS! The Creek and The Cave 10 p.m., free Why don't people who work nights get a Today-style morning show to wake up to? Ross Hyzer and Eric Grundhauser right that wrong with a stage version of just such a TV product. So if you're brewing that first pot of coffee before an over-nighter at the parking garage, wake up with to "the hottest guests of the 1990's" and a fresh perspective on news and pop culture that's sure to keep people talking all night long.

CHRIS GETHARD 2nd TAPING The Creek and The Cave 7 p.m., free. He probably screwed up the first one. So he's doing it twice, bless his heart.

Sunday, September 8th


8 p.m., free. Host RG Daniels presents a rock solid lineup to round out the week. Headliner

Mark Normand

(Conan, John Oliver's New York Stand Up Show) is the comic reincarnation of a 1950s baseball announcer, backed up by

Giulia Rozzi


Evan Williams


Tom Cowell is a comedian. Follow him on Twitter @mrtomcowell. Email with all listing suggestions.

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