Death By Audio Turns Into a Sculptural Maze for Three Weeks This Fall

Death By Audio Turns Into a Sculptural Maze for Three Weeks This Fall

For three weeks this fall, everybody's favorite 40-oz-frenzied noise den Death By Audio will consist almost entirely of a life-sized sculptural maze of narrow corridors, unexpected turns, and actual dead-ends. It's an elaborate construction made specifically for a self-contained 23-day-long installation and performance "anti-festival festival" in which a bevy of versatile musicians and artists (Calvin Johnson, the Coathangers, Screaming Females, Anamanaguchi, Grooms, and countless more) play shows within the confines of this tailor-made labyrinth. Curators/artists/organizers Sam Hillmer and Laura Paris, a married Bushwick-based couple who collaborate under the moniker Trouble, call the series "You Are Here (AKA The Maze)," and from the looks of the videos made from the first time they set up one of these, witnessing bands in the maze will be very much like touring a mini-zoo--Videohippoes, Pygmy Shrews, Twisty Cat and all.

The press release explicitly asks for suspension of logistical expectation: "There is no prescribed order, start time or end time, duration, location of performance, relation of audience to performers, and so on. . . Audiences will be asked only to expect something unusual." The whole thing kicks off next Thursday, September 10, goes through Friday, October 2, and Delicious Beverages is not a house band, but the people behind the two-hour open bar on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Expect to be disoriented, confused, wowed, frustrated, elated, lost, patient, drunk.

Maze Schedule:

Thursday 9.10.09 Skeletons Big Band Knyfe Hyts 81 Pterodactyl Gowns Dan Friel Social Junk Mincemeat +Delicious Beverages

Upcoming Events

Friday 9.11.09 The Sian Alice Group Nine 11 Thesaurus Experimental Dental School Reading Rainbow +Delicious Beverages

Saturday 9.12.09 Extra Life Lichens Pygmy Shrews Up Died Sound SETH (jeff and lala from excepter) Interdependence Project +Delicious Beverages

Sunday 9.13.09 The Present Opsvik & Jennings Rich Johnson Blast Off! +Delicious Beverages

Monday 9.14.09 Calvin Johnson Arrington Dionyso Desolation Wildnerness Regattas City Center

Tuesday 9.15.09 Loud Objects Twisty Cat Random Cutting Mega Calderos Aftermath

Wednesday 9.16.09 White Suns Chaos Magic Little Big Buckets of Bile Bird Music

Thursday 9.17.09 Grooms Videohippos Starring PC Worship Anamanaguchi Dome Theater

Friday 9.18.09 Ty Segal The Mantles The Holy Experiment BJ Rubin Worlddancearound Dome Theater +Delicious Beverages

Saturday 9.19.09 High Red Center Alexis Gideon Make A Rising Shelly Short Ribbons +Delicious Beverages

Sunday 9.20.09 Vaz Clan of the Cave Bear Necking Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk +Delicious Beverages

Monday 9.21.09 Sam Mickens/Mike Pride Duo Jantar Nsumi tbd

Tuesday 9.22.09 Drummer's Corpse Hunter Gatherer Aaron Seigel Meredith Arena

Wednesday 9.23.09 Shooting Spires Legs Grafitti Monsters Crime Novels Lord Easy

Thursday 9.24.09 Sam Hillmer/ Arrington Dionsyo Duo Charlie Looker Daniel Carter Quartet Total Bolsheviks

Friday 9.25.09 Electroputas Regattas Chuck Bettis / Mario Diaz de Leon BJ Rubin Dome Theater +Delicious Beverages

Saturday 9.26.09 The Sleepy Doug Shaw Hannah Marcus / Tianna Kennedy The Screaming Females Cheap Ventilators The Weird Fantasy Band +Delicious Beverages

Sunday 9.27.09 Symbol Laurel Halo The Slowest Runner in the World Post Abortion Stress

Monday 9.28.09 Telecult powers Syn. Toffs Bassoon Alterazioni Video Collective

Tuesday 9.29.09 The Coathangers Nervehunt (Justin from Teeth Mountain / Ryan from Wavves) Xray Eyeballs Swimmingcitiesoceanofblood

Wednesday 9.30.09 Nymph Emma Kupa (of Standard Fare) Ava Luna

Thursday 10.1.09 Crash Diet Crew Cntrl Top Hotchacha Islands Eyelids Deborah Karp/ Meredith Arena

Friday 10.2.09 Zs Excepter Mick Barr Noveller BJ Rubin Dome Theater +Delicious Beverages

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