Details on the Suzanne Fiol Memorial

Details on the Suzanne Fiol Memorial

It's been just over a month since the loss of Issue Project Room's Suzanne Fiol, who died of cancer on October 5th, at the age of 49. Next weekend, she'll receive a proper farewell. St. Ann's will host a memorial for Fiol on Sunday, November 15th, at 4pm. Following the service, at 7pm, there will a parade in her honor, with a symbolic route--out of St. Ann's, past 110 Livingston, Issue Project's dynamic future home, and ending at the (OA) Can Factory, where IPR is currently in residence, awaiting the future Fiol guaranteed the performance space before her death. At the Can Factory, Issue will host a memorial concert, starting at 8pm. The performers--as loved as Fiol was, there will be many--will not be announced in advance, the idea being Suzanne should be reason enough to show up. She was and is. Schedule, dates, and times, below:

    Sunday, November 15

    4-7pm Memorial Service at St. Ann's 157 Montague Street in Brooklyn

    7pm-8pm Parade/Walk, led by a special guest, departing from St. Ann's, past 110 Livingston, and ending at the (OA) Can Factory.

    8pm Memorial Concert at ISSUE Project Room At the Old American Can Factory 232 3rd Street in Brooklyn

Stay tuned, as always, to Issue Project Room for further details.

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