Diplo Outties: A Blog of Wes Pentz Candids In Which He's Peaceing Out

The "Poutie Outtie"
The "Poutie Outtie"
Jon Curtis via here

Whoever's behind the five-day-old Diplo Outtie blog clearly wants to accomplish two things: 1) to be passed around on iPhones next week at the SXSW Fader Fort; and 2) to get his ass beat. The gist: Yung Dip likes to pose for photos with a two-fingers extended, all "peace outtie," and the Diploutticous Tumblr is a growing taxonomy of photographic evidence quasi-couched as "a case study in North American faux urban youth culture." Naturally, Outtie's blogroll bros with Hipster Runoff.

Consider this the Hollertronix wing of Stage Dumps--when Wes Pentz is making a sad face and flashing the sign, here it's labeled the "Poutie Outtie." There's already a call for "fake outties"--phantom gang signs crudely P-Shopped onto Diplo party pix--and the "k-fed lip curl" outtie. (Word of backlash-steering advice to all future urban-spoofing theme bloggers: get SFJ to follow you on Twitter before you resort to crowdsourcing.) Crotchdubs, we hardly knew ye.

DIPLO BEING ALL "PEACE OUTTIE" AT THE CAMERA [via Ants in My Trance-all investigations should begin there.]

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