Download: Cap'n Jazz's Full Set Sunday Night At Maxwell's, Courtesy of NYC Taper

Ah, but take heart
Ah, but take heart

Yes, Sunday's frightful weather conspired to scotch the free Cap'n Jazz show at Williamsburg Waterfront, hastily relocating the trailblazing Chicago crew to Brooklyn Bowl and shutting out plenty of die-hard fans in the process. Much appropriately emo Twitter action did result. But the band also did a late show at Maxwell's in Hoboken, to a devoted crowd "who spent much of the show in a euphoric state -- the stage jumping and moshing that took place in Brooklyn was toned down, as this crowd was there more to see the music than the scene." That's courtesy of NYC Taper, who'd know, 'cause he was there, taping it. Download the full Cap'n Jazz Maxwell's set here; apparently he also taped that Brooklyn Bowl set and will put that up soon, if you want to hear people in a less euphoric state, stage-jumping and moshing.

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