Download NYC Sucks, Volume 2, A Killer Compilation Of Local Metal

Back in January the good people at Metal Sucks offered a 14-track primer on NYC metal under the appropriate-enough title NYC Sucks, Volume 1, featuring local luminaries/YIMBY alumni like Naam and Battilus. Volume 2 has arrived, available once again for stream or download via Metal Sucks, this time including Krallice, Goes Cube, the Austerity Program, Wetnurse, and, yes, IKILLYA. Full track list is below; let's hope the Bieber/Weingarten duet makes Volume 3.

1. Wetnurse - "Not Your Choice"

2. Tombs - "The Great Silence"

3. Moth Eater - "Aftermath"

4. Hull - "Healer"

5. The Austerity Program - "Song 6″

6. Defeatist - "Dawn of No Light"

7. Goes Cube - "Year of the Human"

8. Krallice - "Autochthon"

9. Empyreon - "Beyond Perception"

10. Abacinate - "The Bundy Curse"

11. IKILLYA - "Godsize"

12. Atakke - "Fight Makes Right"

13. The Ghost in Black and White - "Restraint Impalement"

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