Download Sharon Van Etten's Set Saturday Night At Bowery Ballroom

Pic by Mike Benigno.
Pic by Mike Benigno.

Sharon Van Etten's show Saturday night at Bowery Ballroom was both an intimate family affair and an acknowledgment that the once-cultish folkie is moving on to bigger, better things: One of those shows where everyone wants to sing along but they don't want to break the spell. Which makes it an ideal bootleg situation, actually; NYC Taper was there to capture the whole thing.

Stream or download the set here; of particular note is her encore cover of R.E.M.'s "Strange Currencies," which happens to be the first song I ever learned on guitar, so I'm biased. She likes it too, apparently: "It's my favorite part!" she notes, right before moaning, "And hear is my apppeaaaal!" See you next time, Sharon, probably at Terminal 5 or something.

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