Download: Summer Jams from the Rapture's Mattie Safer

Two days ago, an email from one "Matthew" hit the inbox. Entitled "Feelin Kinda Horny," it eluded my spam filters, and I'm glad it did, as it was from Mattie Safer, the bass player from the Rapture. Safer is seemingly in the habit of randomly distributing mixes--one landed in the inboxes of Fader folk just last month. Given that it's free, we recommend you just download the thing.

Though it's still only April, Safer's mix feels more like summer than spring. Maybe he's reminiscing about previous Augusts? Why else would you set things off with "Bucky Done Gun," as if I already forgot about playing NBA Live in '06? Do I really need to hear Maya Arulpragasam (or the Rapture?) boast--a full three years on--"I'm working on this new bit/ I'm hot now, you'll see"? Not really, but I do believe that "I'm hot now" bit, as it was a scorcha out there this past weekend. So what if it is actually summer and this is the first mix of the season?

"Feelin' Kinda Horny" is hot, twitchy, fidgety, and of course centered around horny horns: the unlimited bumblebee bleet of Baltimore house (DJ Sega's "Let Me Clear My Throat"), say, into a grab of Chicago's "Street Player," a song that even Beavis and Butthead tittered at when Bucketheads' dropped it back in 1994. Everything from electrified sax squeals to needling shenai to mosquito tweeters to the drunken bass farts of a rusted trombone on Jesse Rose's "Touch My Horn" gets aired out. The mix's velocity and quick flips (at least until he peaces out with the sea breezes of 808's "Pacific State") match the metabolism of a hot summer. But on frequency of blat and pulse-raising alone, Matty also makes "Horny" feel like Sunday afternoon traffic out on the Van Wyck, which seemingly lasts all year long. The tracklist:


Push The Feeling (Sax-a-pella)- Nightcrawlers Bucky Done Gun- M.I.A. Big Money Comin'- Crookers Samir's Theme-Big Money Comin' Let Me Clear My Throat-DJ Sega The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)-Bucketheads Calle Ocho (75 Brazil St)-Pitbull & Nicole Fasano Calabria 2007-Enur ft. Natasha Took The Trompeta-SmartTech Hoy!-Duke Dumont Touch My Horn-Jesse Rose Ole-John Revox Push The Feeling-Dances With White Girls Feel The Horns-Trevor Loveys A Black Man In Space-Son of Raw Northern Hustle-Mark Trophy & Oliver Lang Pacific State-808 State

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