Download The Strokes' New Single, "Under Cover Of Darkness," Eventually

Behold the power of the Internet: Starting now, the Strokes are allegedly offering "Under Cover of Darkness," the first single from their new album, Angles, as a free download on the band's official website, which immediately totally crashed. Right now it's like when you're trying to get in your friend's car and he's unlocking the door but you've got your hand on the handle and JESUS DUDE JUST RELAX FOR FIVE SECONDS. Everyone go smoke a cigarette or get some Pop Tarts or something and let's try this again in 10 minutes.

EDIT: And here it is!

Download "Under Cover of Darkness" here (check your spam filter): It's a light, frothy thing, perhaps a little frail for someone who prefers the comparative surliness of First Impressions of Earth, but sales figures would suggest that's not true of many people, so. Angles is out March 22; doubtless they'll spend the summer playing major festivals, and also hopefully a few hastily announced NYC shows that make everyone here bug the fuck out.

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