Download Two New jj Songs, Featuring a Sample of The xx and a T.I. Cover

Mysterious Swedish duo jj have released a new single entitled let them via Sincerely Yours, featuring two tracks in the group's signature airy style, complete with semi-cheeky hip-hop influence on the A-side, an interpolation of T.I.'s "Let Them Talk." The B-side, "I'm the One/Money on My Mind," which lays vocals over a loop from The xx's "Intro," was first debuted as a section of the fantastic radio session "5 Minutes With jj," which also gives the band's female-fronted pop treatment to Akon's "Troublemaker." Hear it after the jump and download the two new tracks for free. Plus, a message from the band's label:

what can we say that you don't already know? well, I guess we will have to show jj kills on its fucking way baby! did you get that? jj kills on its fucking way baby. get that.

So, yeah. Here's "5 Minutes With jj":

And, for reference, the T.I. original featuring Brandon and Big Kuntry:

jj- "Let Them" and "I'm the One/Money on My Mind" [via Gorilla vs. Bear]

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