Dreamy Jared Leto Fan Art

Dreamy Jared Leto Fan Art
DrawingsbyKimSchultz on etsy.

We are well aware Jared Leto is an accomplished musician and actor, and has been for many years. But sometimes the inner-teen girl inside our soul likes to pretend our high school TV crush, Jordan Catalano, just grew up and started a successful band. These dreamy original portraits of Leto by Etsy artists will surely spark some old feelings for you. Cue 30 Seconds to Mars' "Up In The Air."

We are swooning over the original graphite drawing of Jared Leto by DrawingsbyKimSchultz, above.

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Dreamy Jared Leto Fan Art
Artsyndrome on etsy.

This colorful digital illustration of Jared Leto by Artsyndrome, is only $7.90, but you have to print it yourself.

Dreamy Jared Leto Fan Art
yasmiNsArtStudio on etsy.

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Realistic, original drawing by yasmiNsArtStudio.

"People always ask me if this is a portrait of Jesus Christ. This drawing has a spiritual feeling to it, so you don't really need to be a 30 Seconds to Mars fan to add this drawing to your collection or to enjoy it on your wall," says the artist, Jasmin Jahanbakhsh.

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Dreamy Jared Leto Fan Art
lunaperri on etsy.

Artist lunaperri from Italy intensified Leto's brooding, mysterious side in her original drawing.  

Dreamy Jared Leto Fan Art
VapidAndVile on etsy.

Leto's popular profile, as drawn by VapidAndVile from etsy.

Dreamy Jared Leto Fan Art
JunebugHardee on etsy.

Chicks dig a guy with a sense of humor. Being the frontman of successful band doesn't hurt either. Original drawing by JunebugHardee.

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