Electronic Producers to Watch For in 2013

Electronic Producers to Watch For in 2013

This promises to be a fantastic year for electronic music, as the calendar is peppered with releases from some of the most exciting names around. Here are some acts to make sure you keep an eye on throughout the year.

A quick note: You can classify much of the music that follows as dubstep, a genre tag that's become almost altogether meaningless and not particularly useful when trying to describe a sound. (For instance, nothing below sounds remotely like Skrillex.) I'm of the opinion that many, if not all of the artists listed are exploring past the bounds of standardized genres and subgenres. But those of you who thirst for taxonomy can feel free to shorthand it as dubstep, with smatterings here and there of trance, house, and purple, if it'll help you sleep a little easier.

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Araabmuzik The former dipset producer disappointed many with an underwhelming follow-up to Electronic Dream. But it's all going according to plan--now that expectations have been significantly lowered, the mpc wizard is hitting 'em with two new albums this year--another LP of original material and a remix album. You can expect more overwhelming technical wizardry, and heady, irresistible samples from one of the most exciting live electronic acts in the world today.

Darkstar Darkstar's North was a slept-on gem in 2010, a hard-edged synth masterpiece that excavated the darkness lying behind the surface sheen (which actually makes perfect sense, given the duo's moniker.) Their signing to Warp was a huge seal of approval from the world's best electronic label and should have dubstep fans frothing at the mouth for News from Nowhere, out at the beginning of February and promising to be just as harsh, spacious and absolutely breathtaking as the last album. Fans of Portishead--if these guys stay consistent, they could be the next step forward.

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