Fashion Week Photos: Ryan Adams, Damon Dash, Duran Duran

Ryan Adams

Fashion Week G-Star Raw Party Gotham Hall/Gramercy Theater Tuesday, February 5 photos by Maro

Fashion around these parts generally means a pair of Vans clodhoppers and a burlap sack, so file this post under "Scenes in Which We'd Never Be Allowed."


Upcoming Events

Danny Masterson is actually at the Hiro Ballroom tonight playing records as DJ Momjeans. Not kidding.

Ryan Adams again, photos by Maro

Jim Jones and Damon Dash, photo by Maro

MTV VJ Damien Fahey & Grasie Mercedes, photo by Maro

Nick Rhodes and Simon LeBon

Simon LeBon, Padma Lakshmi, Pierre Morisset

How baked does Sway look?

Joe Levy, Ryan Adams

DJ Ruckus and Dallas Austin

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