Four Top Five Lists From The Spits

Four Top Five Lists From The Spits

Ever-touring, ever-spazzing, ever-wig-donning punk rock nutsos The Spits have a brand-new album out on In the Red, their fifth. It's called, as all their albums are, The Spits, and it's another buzzy blast of freaky fun, if a tad darker than the rest of their gonzoid garage catalog. To celebrate its release, we had them run down a few of their favorite (and least favorite) things.

Top Five Favorite New Bands Human Eye KhanWood Clarke

Skeletor Strap Straps Black Sabbath

Top Five Worst Clubs to Play that You Nonetheless Find Yourself Back at Playing Every Year Cindy's roadhouse in Reno, Nevada The Shark Bite lounge in Maui Chillers in Nome, Alaska Pat's Pet 'N' File in Orlando, Florida Johnny's Mediterranean Junction in Austin, Texas

Five Worst Best (Sorry Eric, ain't no bad Spits songs around these parts!) Spits Songs A.D.D I'm Scum

Tomorrow's Children

Spit Me Out

Nuclear Bomb

Upcoming Events

The Five Best Spits Gigs Chicago Blackout, 2002 Gibson's, Seattle, WA, 1997 Mexico City, 2011 Velincia, Spain, 2006 Times Square, 2004

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