Get Trippy Mane: Your Flawless Christmas Light Touring Soundtrack

Get Trippy Mane: Your Flawless Christmas Light Touring Soundtrack

Now that Christmas is over and the presents are all unwrapped, you have no excuse but to switch off the computer, get up, wrestle on a cardigan and a sweater vest, grab your smart phone, and hit the streets. Vacate. Go. Get out, and look at some Christmas lights. Because, look, your hood didn't risk their necks and court the flu turning every available inch into an electrical fire hazard just so you could waste away December inside on Twitter, headbanging to Grimes and clipping your toenails. Christmas is awesome, hideously wasteful light outlays are awesome, and someday soon we'll all be living in a Mad Max-ian world where we'll miss having had a choice as to whether or not to spend the entirety of an evening goggling and bedazzled. So tour your local holiday lighting extravaganzas hard, dear reader, and often--and allow Sound of the City the pleasure of soundtracking your quest.

Deep Listening Band "Bell Dance" On "Bell Dance" Pauline Oliveros and pals tweak and twist listeners' sense of time with a gingerly revolving cornucopia of bells, strings, and horns. The natural impulse with display trolling is to stay mobile, to keep moving, but what if you decided not to do that? What if you parked yourself in front of one house or apartment building for the sublime entirety of "Bell Dance" as an experiment to track your shifting perspective on a particular set of decorations? Would the residents fear you? Would they approach you to make sure you were okay? Would they call the police?

Starving Weirdos

"Captured" Bent, rustling string plucks give way to a drone as lopsidedly swinging as it is sub-arctic. Remember, in December, it's cold outside; real lighting-display killers roll with flasks.

J. Dilla

"Lightworks" Two minutes of muted, walk-in freezer funk that make electricity sound like the perfect drug. You may find it difficult to take "Lightworks" off of repeat, but you must, or you'll wind up having a nightmare like the beginning of

The Magician's Nephew

, only with this song echoing through the wreckage of a ruined world and no way to wake up.

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