SYNOPSIS In which a wee sampling of some of our favorite artistes who play with words the way some people play with their food, themselves, their (or our) emotions, or perhaps with explosives... With a special "Howdy Do!" to Uncle Tod at ESOPUS, who's just release 8 of his fine, fine journal of love and culture (well, really art and such like, but we so like to reference these guys whenever possible). This time the Esopus cd is all about spam (the junk email kind, not the delicious and nutritious and versatile foodstuff, so we couldn't resist including a few new favorites. Do pick up E8, lock the door and and and...

NEXT WEEK: On being boring, with Uncle Chase Granoff

Intro: "Tongue and Voice" by Orso, from Orso
(Perishable, 1999)

"Beethoven (I Love to Listen)" from Savage
(RCA, 1987)
"Ministry of Love" from 1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother) (EMI, 1984)

Esopus 8: Spam
"My Rumania" by Harmony and Pollution

"Agents of the Corps" by the Submarines

"Sunday On Prozac" by Needle

Laurie Anderson
"Example 22" from Big Science
(Warner Bros, 1982)
Baby Doll" (Warner Bros, 1989)

They Might Be Giants
"Shoehorn with Teeth" from Lincoln
(Restless, 1989)
"Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head" from They Might Be Giants
(Restless, 1986)

"Eardrum Buzz" (12-inch version) from It's Beginning to and Back Again
(Mute, 1989)
"Kidney Bingos" from The A List
(Mute, 1993)

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