Grizzly Bear and Micachu Banter on Video: Mica Levi Still Looks Like the Kid Flashback Version of Cate Blanchett's Bob Dylan

This might've worked better as an edited Q&A so we all didn't have to sit through the sunburned asides, but this videotaped conversation between Grizzly Bear's Christopher Taylor and Ed Droste and Micachu and the Shapes is still a pretty neat little peek into the playful dynamics of this 15-month-old British band. Jewellry, Micachu's excellent debut on Rough Trade, seems like the product of someone whose inspiration and experimentation are totally on fire--and that's consistent with what Mica (Meeka) says here about the constant need to make things, even on the road, even if it's just scribbling in public and looking like a weirdo. "You just have to go over the fact that you might feel like a dickhead if you're just standing there writing something down because you're in front of people, but . . . who cares?"

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