Happy Sixth Birthday, Cake Shop

The bilevel coffee shop/bar/venue/place for hangs Cake Shop turns six this weekend, and it's celebrating with a sixth-birthday party with a bunch of bands and "surprises." Cake Shop's gone through some changes over the course of its existence--R.I.P., for all intents & purposes, record store that took up much of the back of the ground floor and slowly got chipped away--but it's consistently booked fantastic indiepop bills and local bands, and it's nice to see it holding down the fort and slinging the still-relatively-cheap hooch in an increasingly unfun-to-visit corner of the Lower East Side. The fête tomorrow night includes a set by the quite lovely Kiwi act Surf City, who are keeping the New Zealand chiming-pop flame alive; full flyer (via BV) after the jump.

Happy Sixth Birthday, Cake Shop

If you feel like cramming as many May 7 hours as possible with Cake Shop partying, tonight from midnight to 4 SOTC contributor J. Edward Keyes spins records as part of his monthly Universal Melody night; he'll play "Global Grooves, followed by R&B, followed by indie & punk." The night ends with a spin of Bob Dylan's "Wigwam," because it really does make for a fine 4 a.m. outro:

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