Hip-Hop's 25 Best Weed Songs

In honor of today being 4/20—every smoker's favorite day of the year—SOTC has compiled the 25 Best Rap Songs relating to weed. Though some may be more about bud than others, all are guaranteed to make your high all the more enjoyable. Be forewarned, though... this list doesn't have any happy hippy weed music—this is straight thugged-out entertainment. Locate your lighters.

1. N.O.R.E., "Married To Marijuana"

Using the the analogy of weed as a girl, N.O.R.E. breaks down the relationship with his bottom bitch, Mary Jane. I know a lot of guys who spent all their money on trees instead of flowers and who relate to this song.

2. Redman, "How To Roll A Blunt" Blunt-rolling 101, with some humor thrown in about the many characters you may encounter in your friendly neighborhood cipher. (The skit that precedes is pretty funny, too.)

3. Redman, "Pick It Up" Pretty straightforward: What would you do if you were walking along the street and saw a bag of weed on the floor?

4. Cypress Hill, "Hits from the Bong" This beat out "I Want To Get High" by just a gram or two thanks to it being so laid-back and hazy. B Real's nasal flow makes rapping about smoking pot sound as good as rapping about smoking fools.

5. Scarface, "Mary Jane"

A diagnosed manic-depressive, Brad Jordan has mentioned in interviews how weed helped him deal with his illness. Here then is a tribute to his "girl" Mary Jane, whose name alone makes him happy. In his rap, 'Face highlights how she's better than cigarettes and alcohol for relieving stress.

6. Luniz, "I Got 5 On It (remix)" The original was so G! To combat the vacuum-lunged cheeba hawks and scavenger smokers, you charge anybody trying to hit your joint $5. Genius. When The Bay Area All Stars sprinkled verses on the remix, though, it became all the more potent.

7. Diamond D feat. Sadat X, "Never"

"Hey gang! I've got some grass!" Like abused lovers, D and X vow to never give up their love for weed—no matter how bad she treats them. If you've never heard of this song, press "play" up there right now.

8. KRS-One, "I'm A Blunt Getting Smoked" KRS is crazy for this one. He gets creative, and everyone from Bill Clinton to Smooth B hits the blunt in the dream cipher. Good job, Kris. Now if we can just smoke enough for us to forget your appearance on Sean Hannity's show...

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