Hm, Dr. Dre Will Be DJing at Best Buy Later Today

This is your new Virgin Megastore in-store, I suppose. The brand new Union Square 24-hour retail outlet will host Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine ,, Major Lazer, and David Guetta for some sort of series of live appearances, starting at 4pm today. Asking "why?" is futile and probably pointless--the answer involves something called Club Beats, which from the video I just watched most of looks to involve a lot of beatboxing and the delusional belief that DJing is about to be "what hip-hop was in 1990" (thanks Jimmy Iovine!), i.e. primed for a major commercial and artistic explosion. On equipment purchased from somebody in a blue shirt at an electronics store. The revolution is now. (Dre though, seriously...) [Brooklyn Vegan]

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