Holler! The Ten Loudest, Shoutiest Rappers

Holler! The Ten Loudest, Shoutiest Rappers

Waka Flocka Flame is the sort of of hip-hop artist who doesn't so much rap or flow as he shouts his ass off. It's a formula that imbues the Atlanta-based rapper's songs with a boisterous, visceral appeal—and one that he's looking to continue with the release of his second studio album, Triple F For Life: Friends, Fans And Family, which will officially drop on New Year's Eve. But Waka's not alone in pledging his allegiance to the lowbrow art of shout rap; the following hip-hop gents also excel at vociferating into microphones.

10. Bone Crusher

A marvel of a one-hit howling wonder, Atlanta-based Bone Crusher's "Never Scared" helped herald in the club dominance of southern rap. Bedded by a cavernous, bass-saturated beat, big Bone's rap is a speaker-tampering bawl about why you should never mess with him. (Killer Mike and T.I. follow in his wake on the song, with the former warning how his gun has "got permanent PMS.") Then the death blow comes from the chorus—which is scientifically-proven to induce fights.

9. The Beastie Boys

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Mike D, MCA and Ad Rock might have toned their aural assault down a little, but back in their breakout prime the trio delighted into molesting the world's ears by abrasively shouting their way through anthems like "(You've Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)." It was a decibel-distressing trick that fit a treat with their first wave of tracks, which often sampled from rock songs, and helped underscore the Beasties' anti-establishment image. Ad Rock's impassioned yell of "Drop" on "The New Style" is also a well-sampled example of the shout-rap form.

8. Ja Rule

For a midget who's made a startling number of soft-edged, poppy rap songs, Ja Rule sure can belt out a holler. "Livin' It Up," Ja's early-2000s club hit, sees the Queens-born rapper combining his raspy vocal chords with a sweet chorus from Case. Proving the allure of a guttural grunt, Ja then leaves the club in the song's video with two chicks—only to pass out flat on his face.

7. 2Pac

'Pac certainly had his more hushed and reserved rap moments, but in the spree that followed his 1995 release from jail he could always be found yelling about something or the other. On his biggest hit of that era, "California Love," he storms on to the track like a man literally just freed from the bowels of the beast. It's an enthused performance no doubt aided by the restrictive, Mad Max-style garb Dre forced him to don in the song's video flick.

6. Busta Rhymes

Bussa Bus's famed "Dungeon dragon" wail on A Tribe Called Quest's lauded posse cut "Scenario" is well regards in the annals of shout-rap, and the chorus on his solo break-out song, "Woo Hah!! (Got You All In Check)," is awesomely shoutable. But it's the introductions and outros to his various albums where he really lets his mentalist side out, as he rants and raves about the end of the world (the exact date varies depending on the album's release). Maybe 2012 will finally be his year.

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