Icky Thump Cred Sheet: Cornelius @ Webster Hall, Sucky Wilco Tracks, and U Get Upgrade

STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW TO AVOID LAME-OSITY Rob Harvilla does the real thing regularly in print, dawg. This one's just because.

That Is One Giant Braid. Beyonce releases new video for old Jay-Z duet, "Upgrade U." Ring-tone of choice for IT-department virgins everywhere. [Status Ain't Hood]

Icky Thump Preemptive Strike The White Stripes announce new record, name it after an Iowan Battlebot, bless pop-culture writers everywhere with a new headline pun. Blogger story: "Clicky Jump." Porn story: "Sticky Pump." Online quizzes: "Tricky Stump." Drunk Dancing: "Gin Rickey Krump." Icky Stump reviews: "Thump (There It Is)." Got any more? [White Stripes]

Dead Horse Hot Chip remixes Junior Boys. TV on the Radio chews up Brian Wilson and spits out electro-pop bones. Pretty (cough) tasty. [Discobelle]

Fantasmatic! Cornelius to release Sensous and hit Webster Hall on May 10. No word about on-sale dates. "Fit Song" video: yay, you did acid, yawn. [P-Fork]

Everyone Loves Arthur Suddenly, this magazine no one read was incredibly important. Ask Anna Nicole: the press only cares when you die. [Runnin' Scared]

We Don't Need Another Eagle New songs from Wilco's upcoming Sky Blue Sky end up on the Internet. The geezers at Q104.3 are actually gonna have to stop uploading snapshots to "6-Pack or Sober?" and add some new songs to their playlist. In a phrase: Not feeling it.

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