Intertrend Crib Notes: Tonic, Feist, and Joel Brodsky


Prank Calls Les Savy Fav wants your voicemail karaoke for a possible cameo on their next record. Singing along to LSF really isn't the same without watching Tim Harrington sniff his own bellybutton lint and french-kiss men. []

Swan Song Tonic's real last day wasn't last Friday, it was Saturday—when Marc Ribot played "Bread & Roses," the cops came, apparently Ribot got arrested, and the owners' baby cried. The precocious child already hates the fuzz. [Time Out NY]

36 Hours in Pop-Cultural Ignorance The New York Times's Sunday Travel Section spends three days in Portland, Oregon. Reporter lobs perceived hipness at the unsuspecting reader by name-checking an "emerging" local Portland band called . . . the "Decembrists." Oof. Slap that copy desk, will ya? [New York Times]

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Brace Yourself Despite SOTC's best efforts to sabotage the trend, the Icky Thump headline puns have already started filtering into the system. Leave it to Stereogum for the premature evaluation. [Stereogum]

This Is the End Joel Brodsky, the photographer who took that very very famous Jim Morrison photo, died on March 1. Took the Associated Press 30 days to realize he'd died. Took us two weeks longer to post about their tardiness. Poor guy's death redefines the term 'Has-been.' [AP via Boston Globe]

Old Navy's Ad Agency Takes on American Apparel Leslie Feist releases a new video for "1 2 3 4" in which she wears a blue-sequined jumpsuit, turns her back-up dancers into primary-colored blobs, and performs an elaborately choreographed Fame routine. This is exactly what the Village Voice editorial meetings are like except that they last for 35 minutes. I'm the one in purple.

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