Is Your Band Having Problems? Send Them In To Our New Advice Columnist, Fan Landers!

Beach view not included. (But wouldn't it be nice?)
Beach view not included. (But wouldn't it be nice?)
Laughlin Elkind/Flickr

Are you a musician? Is your band having issues? Our new advice columnist, who we're going to call Fan Landers (her real identity is below), is ready to give you Real Talk about any problems your musical outfit might be having—whether professional, practical, or sartorial. She'll help you settle intraband disagreements, resolve power struggles, take it to the next level, figure out whether or not to break up or stay together, judge your idea for a t-shirt or video, or react to your singer 's terrible attempts to rap. Or anything else!

"Fan Landers" is actually the nom du conseils of Voice scribe Jessica Hopper, author of The Girls Guide To Rocking, former publicist, and all-around musical guru. She's seen a lot and will draw on her experience as well as her general wisdom to guide you and your musical efforts in the right direction. (This seems like a good point to note that solo artists can also write in!)

To submit a question, just email sotc AT villagevoice DOT com. Confidentiality is guaranteed—unless you think airing your band's dirty laundry will make for great press, in which case tell us who you are! We can all analyze your lyrics for hidden meanings... together.

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