iVoice: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova Re-Enact Once Live

The Swell Season play Radio City Hall tonight, May 19. Tickets are sold out.

iVoice: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova Re-Enact Once Live

**OnlineHost** Welcome to Swell Season Concert Chat!

crowd: DO "ONCE"

hansard_prayers: what

crowd: C'MON C'MON DO "ONCE"

IrglovaMarketEconomy : wh-

i'm not sure what that means exactly

crowd: ONCE! ONCE! ONCE!

IrglovaMarketEconomy: Um?

All right.

/drags vacuum cleaner out of green room

hansard_prayers: Hi. I am a vacuum guy.

IrglovaMarketEconomy: You sing good. Fix my vacuum.

hansard_prayers: Okay.

IrglovaMarketEconomy: Can I ride your motorcycle?

hansard_prayers: No.

IrglovaMarketEconomy: Bye.

hansard_prayers: /mails piano


hansard_prayers: That was pretty much the movie.


hansard_prayers: What?

All right. All right, fine. Come on, honey, let's do it again.

IrglovaMarketEconomy: what

hansard_prayers: Come on, just follow my lead.

We'll need some help with this. Please welcome our violinist, Colm Mac Con Iomaire.

mac_con_cheese: /waves to crowd

hansard_prayers: Okay, from the top.

Hi. I am a vacuum guy.

IrglovaMarketEconomy: You sing good. Fix my vacuum.

mac_con_cheese: Not so fast you freaking tool. Say your prayers. I am going to steal your freaking vacuum and run away into the Wilderness.

hansard_prayers: Uh

pfff hahaha

We are not but meager townsfolk going about our business! How dare you!

mac_con_cheese: /points violin

Who's the man with the gun now? Freaking give me the vacuum. I am a bad guy. I became a bad guy because of a horrible accident gone wrong.

IrglovaMarketEconomy: Oh my gosh! What accident was that!

mac_con_cheese: I drowned in a humongous ocean. Now give me the vacuum unless you want to know the Way of the Gun.

hansard_prayers: /karate chop

mac_con_cheese: AAAAAGGH

/pratfalls around stage, knocks over drum kit

hansard_prayers: Remember a second ago, when you were telling me about your gun? Well I karate chopped you, Man vs. Gun. Irony. A taste of your own medicine.

mac_con_cheese: /dies

IrglovaMarketEconomy: He got his just dessert. Come on, honey, let's go play instruments.

hansard_prayers: I can't. I am forever scarred by the Evil.

crowd: ...

crowd: /thunderous applause

hansard_prayers: You're shitting me.

IrglovaMarketEconomy: All right, sequel time. What do we call it?

hansard_prayers: "Once 2: The Revenge Of--

wait, what was the name of the guy who stole my guitar case at the beginning

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