Kanye West and Amber Rose Are Not Leaving Paris Until They Earn Your Sartorial Respect

Some of you might say we finished the what-exactly-are-Kanye-West-Amber-Rose-wearing-in-Paris-right-now? game right around the moment yesterday we posted to Twitter a photo of Kanye's elaborately manicured nails and the Egyptian God rings that adorned them--but that was before Amber Rose took it upon herself to actually dress like Ra the Egyptian Sun God. That last joke according to MTV's Buzzworthy, which also hazards a few follow-up guesses as to what PETA called Kanye's "sleazy sidekick" was wearing/channeling in the leftward picture, including an Oscar, a fitted gold Snuggie with a hood, and old-school Cher. People we are living in a special era and you will just have to deal with it until that era is over. (Oh, and maybe Kanye secretly finished another record already?) [MTV]

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