Lady Gaga To Turn Farmville Into A Parking Lot For Windowless Airbrushed Vans

Beep beep, baby, you were born this way.
Beep beep, baby, you were born this way.

"On May 17th, Lady Gaga and Zynga will unveil GagaVille, a farm within FarmVille, which will showcase Lady Gaga's themes from the album, such as crystals, unicorns and motorcycles." --Warning: Your Facebook news feed is about to be taken over by an insane amount of cross-promotion for Lady Gaga's Born This Way, one which will apparently further solidify Gaga's position as the standard-bearer for the revival of the hard-rock-chick aesthetic of ~22 years ago. The question you must ask--well, aside from "So who pays whom for the honor?"--is this: Will your friends (or, maybe, "friends") who are always bugging you with requests to join their virtual farms irritate you more or less now that their game-playing can be soundtracked by the dulcet tones of Clarence Clemons's saxophone? Choose wisely, otherwise you'll get sucked into Ke$ha Mob Wars before it's too late.

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