Lana Del Rey's Top Six Hip-Hop Connections

Lana Del Rey's Top Six Hip-Hop Connections

She's no longer an Internet phenomenon, but the moody singer Lana Del Rey has turned into something of an infatuation for rappers, who are more than eager to collaborate and canoodle with her. In honor of her headlining a series of shows at Irving Plaza this week, here's a short list of her notable hip-hop connections.

1. Lana and A$AP Rocky

Del Rey and Rocky set the Internet ablaze earlier this year when a snippet of "Ridin'" was leaked, ostensibly to promote a mixtape by production unit The Kickdrums. Alas, such was the fevered interest in the mellow track, the bigwigs up at RCA embargoed the song for Pretty Flacko's solo debut later this year. "Lana, that's my bitch," says Rocky on the song, possibly while considering replacing A$AP Yams with her.

2. Lana and The Flatbush Zombies

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A the top of the year Lana announced she was a fan of a then-pretty-unheralded horror-styled rap troupe called the Flatbush Zombies. The Zombies in turn admitted they'd love to work— or frolic—with Del Rey, although it's unsure whether the group's subsequent "S.C.O.S.A." (which refers to sniffing some sort of substance off a scantily-clad lady's rump) was in any way a reference to her.

3. Lana and Drake

When Del Rey sings "I'm feeling electric tonight" on "Summertime Sadness," it sounds like she's singing about feeling "ill like Drake," like a plea for a future hookup with the Canadian playboy—possibly with cover art involving the two of them posing together inside a mock-Tudor mansion. Until that glorious day, you'll have to satisfy yourself with the natty YouTube mash-up "Video Game Over."

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