Lightning Bolt Release "Colossus" (Hell Yeah), Play New York August 30

Lightning Bolt Release "Colossus" (Hell Yeah), Play New York August 30

Lost (to this blog, anyway) in the hubbub yesterday surrounding Lightning Bolt's return--and their new song, "Colossus," is definitely a return--is the fact that they also announced an NYC tour date: August 30, at 979 Broadway Backyard. Lightning Bolt, it sometimes seems, proceed by fits and starts--peaks followed by long holding patterns, monster shows followed by radio silence, and so on. But "Colossus" is a big leap, even for them. It's doomier and slower and more intelligible; it's also got at least three distinct parts, from the Sabbath homage with which it starts, all the way through a middle section nod to the band's own skippy, sped-up history and remarkably thrashed-out third act. The record's meant to come out October 13 on Load, and is called Earthly Delights. We have high hopes for a song called "Nation of Boar." Details:

    Lightning Bolt Earthly Delights October 13 Load

    Tracklist: 1. Sound Guardians 2. Nation of Boar 3. Colossus 4. The Sublime Freak 5. Flooded Chamber 6. Funny Farm 7. Rain on Lake i'm Swimming in 8. S.O.S 9. Transmissionary

    Tour: 08/15 Providence, RI @ AS220 08/16 Amherst, MA @ U Mass Amherst 08/30 Brooklyn, NY @ 979 Broadway Backyard 08/31 Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church 09/05 Los Angeles, CA @ FYF Fest Presents Save Our State Parks!

Premiere: Lightning Bolt: "Colossus" [Pitchfork] Lightning Bolt, "Colossus" MP3 [Fader]

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