Listen To Charli XCX Ride The New Wave Chill With "Nuclear Seasons"

Listen To Charli XCX Ride The New Wave Chill With "Nuclear Seasons"

My favorite single of 2011 so far is Charli XCX's "Stay Away," a downer powerhouse with cavernous drums, lyrics that straddle the gap between brokenhearted and surly, and a storming chorus. Last month the British singer released the followup to "Stay," and it's a fine match for the first day of November and the temperature dips that are imminent; called "Nuclear Seasons," it has similarly grand ambitions, a blown-out FM radio speaker feel, some pretty excellent usage of synchronized "ahhh"-ing, and a pre-chorus that pays a very direct homage to Talk Talk's "It's My Life." Listen below.

You can get a free download of "Nuclear Seasons" at Charli XCX's official site; there's also an eight-minute remix of the track by Brooklyn-based producer William Rauscher (dba Night Plane) on Pitchfork today. (I tend to be somewhat remix-averse, because there are just too many of them out there these days; we all have to manage our information overload somehow. But your mileage may vary!)

And for good measure, here's "Stay Away," because it really is a monster of a track that ran away with my "most played song of 2k11" title almost immediately after I first heard about it (from, I think, Sasha Frere-Jones) a few months back:

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