"Looking at Music" at MoMA

Tonight, the MoMA hosts an intriguing screening as part of their current “Looking at Music” exhibition. Andy Warhol’s video for the Cars’ "Hello Again" (above; he plays an extremely unconvincing bartender), Tony Ousler’s Karen Carpenter fantasia for Sonic Youth’s "Tunic (Song for Karen)," and Cory Arcangel’s autotuned mangling of Jimi Hendrix’s "Star Spangled Banner" ("Apple GarageBand Auto Tune Demonstration") join usual suspects Laurie Anderson, Rodney Graham, and Cao Fei (no David Byrne?) for a quick retrospective of the art world’s various incursions into music (and vice versa). Sonic Youth alone probably would’ve made for a great program (Richard Kern’s "Death Valley ’69" and "Scooter + Jinx," Todd Haynes' "Disappearer," etc). Refreshingly, not a single runtime exceeds seven minutes; most come in at around three, being pop songs and all. No word yet as to whether "Tip Drill" made it…

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